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The best cat collars with bells

Just one small movement can help you find your cat if they wear a collar with a bell, making your games of hide-and-seek much easier.

Your cat, like all cats, is probably sneaky and has great hiding spots to avoid you. It can be unnerving not knowing where our furry friends are, and a bell will help you keep track of your cat. A belled collar can help you find your feline friend anywhere in your home easily. Here’s a list of some of the best cat collars with bells.

Bemix Pets Cat Collars with Bells Variety Pack

Best Bulk Buy

These bright, reflective nylon collars have attached bells and have adjustable plastic hardware to fit your cat to size. They come in a pack of six. A great way to keep track of your pet inside or out, the bell and reflective nylon can help you find sneaky pets.

CollarDirect Leather Safety Cat Collar

Best Overall

CollarDirect collars are made of durable leather, come in several colors and two sizes, and have an attached bell. Adjustable metal buckles allow the collar to be fit according to the size of the cat’s neck.

CHUKCHI Velvet Diamante Cat Collar

Best with Rhinestones

Try these velvet material cat collars with adjustable metal buckles. Complete with rhinestones, this is a blinged-out cat collar for all fashionable felines. The attached bell can also help you keep track of your flashy feline around your home.

Using a cat collar with an attached bell can help you keep your cat safe and ensure that you know where they are at all times. To keep track of your sneaky cat, invest in a collar with a bell and put your mind at ease with the chance to always keep tabs on your furry friend. The options listed here fulfill these functions and look fashionable and comfortable as well.