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The best clumping cat litter for hassle-free cleanup

Although it is easy to simply scoop out and clean out the litter box once a day, that does not mean that you should never replace the litter in the box. First, make sure that you do check every day and scoop it out with a shovel with built-in slits and holes. Then, you need to refresh the box once a month by dumping out the rest of the litter and replacing it with a fresh batch.

Clumping cat litter works by clumping together when it comes into contact with moisture. It also binds to the moisture inside of the clump, so the only thing that is left behind is clean litter. The clumping litter will surround your cat’s droppings and will absorb any liquids so that you are left with the easy job of scooping up the clumps and throwing it away. It makes it easier to simply scoop and refill the litter instead of having to change out the litter constantly.

Fresh Step Lightweight Clumping Litter

Best Unscented

If you want something that busts the odor that usually comes with the litter box, the Fresh Step Lightweight Clumping Litter will control it well. The odor control is done through activated charcoal and no additional fragrances. The litter is low-dust, so you will not get particles flying everywhere after you cat uses it. The lightweight formula makes this easier to scoop, pour, and store. The clumping litter helps everyone.

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter

Best Scented

If you want a way for your cat’s litter box to get rid of the odor while also releasing a pleasant odor, the Arm & Hammer Sliding Clumping Cat Litter will soon become your best friend. The litter creates little dust while you’re pouring and cleaning up. The formula stops ammonia smells before they even start. The scent adds a pleasant fragrance that is not heavily perfumed, so the scent feels natural and unimposing while also masking any other odors that are coming from the litter box.

Arm & Hammer Sliding Clumping Cat Litter

Best Lightweight

For those who get worried about the heavy lifting that accompanies cleaning out the litter box, the Arm & Hammer Sliding Clumping Cat Litter has got you covered. Not only is this cat litter formulated to be efficient at clumping, but it also seals odors, creates rock hard clumps, and will slide right out of the litter box when you need to change it out. No need to worry about scrubbing or scraping old droppings with this great clumping litter formula.

Keeping your cat’s litter box clean and odor-free should not be a hassle. When you take care of your cat, you want more time spent with hanging out with them, not cleaning up after them. Give yourself a break and the ability to spend more quality time with your precious feline.

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