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The best corner litter boxes for your home

What is nice about having a corner litter box is that it gives you the ability to put it aside and not have it be a stinky centerpiece of the room. Sometimes it can be difficult to find places to keep it, and having it out of the way like in a bathroom or closet is impractical. Having a litter box in a bathroom may also take up precious space in an already small room. Getting a corner litter box will help you find a place to nestle it and keep it out of the way.

Cats tend to enjoy places that are cozier and do not feel like they are out in the open. This comes from their natural instincts where they hide around and stalk their prey in places where they can be partially hidden. When they are out in the open, it may make them feel vulnerable and they may stay on higher alert. Having a litter box moved from an open space to a corner can give them a sense of security so they can feel free to use their box without being pounced on.

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box

Best for Cats

The IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box is a great cat litter box that will stay out of your way. It provides your cat with a corner to go to the restroom in, and it will maximize the space in your rooms. The curved sides are designed to make it easy to clean the corners. The high sides will make sure that all the litter will stay inside, and the notch at the long edge will provide an opportune entrance for your cat to use to enter and exit the box.

Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Pet Pan

Best for Small Pets

The Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Pet Pan is made for small pets of all kinds. From ferrets to chinchillas to rabbits, they need to take care of business too. The litter pet pan has notches that will easily hook on to the wires of your pet’s cage so that they have a corner litter box to relieve themselves in. That also maximizes the room in their cages for other things like toys or open space. The plastic guard and the wired floor protect the pet’s feet from getting messy, and it makes it easy for you to remove without the contents spilling out.

Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

Best Alternative Shape

If you want something a bit more creative in design and aesthetic, the Litter Genie Cat Litter Box will grant that wish for you. The litter box can be tucked into a corner because of its flexible plastic. The handles makes it easy to lift it up, move it, and carry it to the appropriate trash cans when it comes time to clean. The high walls prevent litter from spilling out while also providing your cat with privacy and the ability to stay partially hidden, which will appeal to their hiding instincts.

These litter boxes will maximize space and privacy for your cat so they can feel comfortable going at any time. No more worrying about the right placement for the litter box when you know it can tuck into a corner to stay out of everyone’s way. Now that is the right angle to look at it.

5 litter box hacks we think are genius (and will save you tons of clean up)
Orange cat sitting in a covered litter box, looking out

Cleaning your cat's litter box can be a lot of work, and litter boxes aren't always simple to deal with. Your cat might track litter through your home, or you might have a hard time getting rid of smelly litter box odors. But if you're having a problem with your cat's litter box, chances are there's a solution, whether that's using a different product or just changing your cleaning technique. These litter box hacks can save you time and money, but most importantly, they can save you and your cat a lot of frustration, too. We've shared our five favorite hacks.

Use disposable liners
One of the best hacks to simplify cleaning a litter box is to use disposable litter box liners. These liners prevent the litter from coming into contact with the box, and when you buy liners with drawstrings, you can lift the whole liner, including the litter, up and out of the box. There's no scrubbing needed unless your cat scratched through a liner, so cleaning the box is faster and easier.

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Get rid of fleas in the litter box: What you can do
Blue litter box with scoop
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7 telltale signs your cat may be allergic to their litter (and what you can do to help)
Kitten sitting in a litter box looking up

If your cat is sneezing, coughing, or has a runny nose, you might think he's sick. But those can also be symptoms of an allergy. Cats can be allergic to all sorts of different things. For some cats, the cause of their allergies is a central part of their lives: their cat litter. Those allergies get aggravated multiple times a day for a cat that's allergic to litter. When you understand the signs of an allergy, you can recognize that your cat might have a problem and take the right steps to get to the bottom of it.
Why cat litter allergies occur
The ingredients in cat litter can cause allergies. Clumping litter generally contains silica, which produces silica dust, an irritant known to cause allergies in some humans and animals. Fragrances can also be potentially irritating. While clay litters tend to be the most bothersome, your cat can be allergic to any number of components in any litter.

How your cat uses the litter box contributes to these potential allergies. Cats dig in the box, bury their business, and scratch at the box sides and at the litter. All this activity can stir up dust and irritants, making the issue worse.

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