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The best flea comb for cats to remove annoying pests

Some of the best flea combs for your cat will be thin, durable, sturdy, and have super fine teeth. The super fine teeth are a must because fleas are tiny critters. The fine teeth will allow you to rake your cat’s fur while capturing the fleas. These combs are a great way to provide fast, last-minute relief for your poor, itchy kitty.

Fleas are an annoying, yet somewhat common irritant for your cat. They come from a variety of places and are especially prevalent in outdoor cats. One way to provide quick and easy treatment for your itchy kitty is with a flea comb. Flea combs have super fine teeth that are designed to remove fleas from your cat’s skin and fur. If your cat encounters those pesky fleas, it is important that you can remove them quickly so your cat experiences as little discomfort as possible.

Hartz Groomer's Best Grooming Tools

Easiest to Use

This is a great way to remove fleas from your cat’s fine fur. This comb can be used on cats and dogs with different types of fur. This comb can also work as a regular cat brush to keep your cat’s fur looking shiny and clean. The stainless-steel bristle tips won’t pull your cat’s fur while you rake them for fleas. The ergonomic handle improves comfort for an effective brushing session. This product has a black handle with bright purple accents to ensure it is easy to find and fun to use.


Best Value Pack

This comb is designed to help you gently and effectively remove annoying fleas. This pack of combs includes four unique styles to help you thoroughly groom your cat. You can use this comb on dogs and other pets, as well. The stainless-steel teeth are rust resistant and super thin and strong to help you capture any fleas living on your cat. Each comb in this set has a durable and comfortable plastic handle for a firm grip.

SENTRY Flea Comb for Cats

Best for Cleaning

This flea comb helps you get rid of tangles and dirt, too, so it can double as a grooming brush for your favorite pet. It has a comfortable handle to ensure a tight grip for long grooming sessions or flea removal. This comb comes in a bright, vibrant purple color to ensure it is easy to find. Its dimensions are 2x1x9 inches so it is large and comfortable to use.

Fleas are an itchy, irritating pests. Cats commonly catch fleas from exploring the outside world. One of the best and most efficient ways to remove fleas from your cat is with a flea comb. They have super fine teeth to ensure your cat’s fur doesn’t get pulled during flea removal. Your cat will enjoy the grooming session and love the gentle massage.

Why your cat absolutely needs a catio to live their best life
Cat sitting in a catio enclosure

The outdoors are full of potential dangers for cats. Toxins, predators, vehicles, and even the potential of getting lost can all threaten your cat's life. But that doesn't mean that your indoor-only cat can't enjoy the outdoors. A practical solution is getting a catio, which lets your cat go outdoors and enjoy plenty of fresh air while still being safely contained. If your indoor cat is bored or spends lots of time looking out the window, he might enjoy a catio. The good news: catios are available in many different sizes and designs, so chances are you can find a catio that works well for your house and budget. Once you do, your cat can start venturing outside and enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds.

What is a catio?
A catio, a combination of "cat" and "patio," refers to an enclosure that's located partially or fully outside. These enclosures are designed to give cats access to the outdoors, while also keeping the cats protected and safe. Catios often consist of wood and wire mesh that allow for plenty of airflow and visibility, while preventing dogs and other potential predators from being able to reach your cat.

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Crazy kitty bling your cat needs right now to live its best life
A green-eyed bengal cat wears a pink collar with a heart-shaped tag.

While we cat parents stand united in our love for our feline companions, one topic is extremely divisive: clothes. For some, the idea of dressing their cat in sweaters is ridiculous, even embarrassing. But there are those of us who think every cat deserves a wardrobe filled with the best kitty bling available. In fact, there's even a national holiday that centers on dressing up your pets. You're in the right place if you're looking for the perfect standout items for your beloved kitty. 

Mihachi Leopard Print Sweater
For the fashion-forward feline, nothing but the best will do. This leopard print sweater looks chic and elegant, and the ultra-soft, stretchy turtleneck will keep your beloved kitty toasty warm on a cool winter's night. The sweater is available in three different sizes, so you're bound to find an option for your kitty. Best of all, you can toss the sweater in your washing machine if it gets dirty. (We recommend laying it flat to dry to prevent shrinkage.)
Patgoal Rhinestone Collar and Leash Set
While your fur baby deserves diamonds, nothing short of the winning lottery numbers will make her dreams of precious gems come true. Thankfully, this leash and collar set from Patgoal gives her all the sparkle without the jaw-dropping price point. The set comes in black, pale pink, rose pink, and bright red suede leather, and it's available in three different, adjustable sizes to fit most cats. Both the collar and leash are decorated in rainbow-hued rhinestones, so your precious fur baby can shine bright like a…Well, you know how the song goes.
BANMODER Cat Collar with Bow and Bell
Leopard print and rhinestones are perfect for female felines, but we can't forget the purr-fect gentleman in your life. Available as single collars or a set of two, this precious belled collar lends an air of sophistication to your furry fellow. Choose between dashing tartan or darling daisy print. (Considering the low price point, you might want to snap up a few different collars.) The bowtie is removable in case you need to wash it, and the breakable design makes this collar safe for your kitty to wear day and night. 

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The best slipcovers to protect your expensive furniture from cat destruction
A gray striped cat chews on a ruined gray sofa.

If you're already a cat lover, we probably don't have to tell you how much these adorable fur babies can brighten your day. According to science, self-defined "cat people" are actually smarter than those who identify as "dog people." Additionally, pet parents in general are healthier and happier than people who don't have at least one pet. That said, sometimes your cat can be a real nuisance. From cats who come down with the night crazies to the futility of wearing a chic, all-black outfit, being a cat parent comes with a price. Unfortunately, that price might include your favorite chair. Here's how you can protect your furniture from cat scratch damage. 

Choosing the best furniture for a cat-friendly household
According to Decor Aid's co-founder and CEO, Sean Juneja, cats are far less likely to claw furniture with recessed legs made from metal or wood. Because cats see the legs of our furniture as scratching posts, recessed legs present a much less attractive target. And unlike some wood that cats can satisfyingly sink their nails into, metal feels slippery beneath their paws, which deters scratching. Juneja also says, "The best fabrics are ultrasuede and leather because a cat cannot claw into these." 

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