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The best pine cat litter for natural odor removal

A cat litter can make or break your home’s cleanliness, but a pine litter is a natural, odor-absorbing option. It’s fresh and easier to clean up, and it won’t break your wallet. The natural pine cat litters on this list are our top picks, so let’s take a look at how they could help you transform your cat’s litterbox from frustrating to fresh.

Pine is naturally fresh and lower cost, giving you the ability to freshen up your cat’s litter box while improving overall conditions. It’s an absorbent option that your cat will love, and it offers reliable service, whether you have one cat or many. These pine pellet cat litters will help you maintain your cat’s health and well-being while ensuring your home smells fresh.

Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter

Best Absorption

These pine pellets are more absorbent than clay while reducing dust and debris. They’re sustainably sourced and compostable, giving you a healthier option for disposal than standard litters. The natural pine scent helps reduce odor and keep your house smelling fresh while the pellets prevent your cat from tracking litter all over your house.

Feline Pine Cat Litter

Best Lightweight

These absorbent pine pellets with baking soda provide an easy solution for odors and tracking. The product is low dust and lightweight, and the materials are made from recycled pine products. No new trees were cut down to make the litter, reducing both weight and your environmental footprint.

Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter

Best Clumping

The clumping power of this natural blend of cedar, pine, and corn helps ensure that you have the best odor control with the convenience of clumping litter. It provides a natural scent boost and cuts down on dust and debris present in clay-based litters. It’s highly absorbent and virtually dust-free.

Choose a pine pellet cat litter to help cut down on cat odors and ensure that your litterbox stays fresh. It neutralizes those smells without artificial scents or chemicals and enables you to move your home to the greener side of things. Ensure your litter works with one of the options on our list and care for your cat or cats well.