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The best automatic dog feeders for consistent mealtimes

Whether you’re looking for a simple solution that spreads out the time between refills or a full-featured automated solution, our collection has something for your lifestyle. We only recommend the top models created with the safest materials and most innovative designs. Most importantly, these feeders ensure that your furball always has a full bowl. Find the perfect choice for your dog with the top-rated suggestions.

When you use a timed dog feeder, you have more control over how much food and when your dog eats every day. This is especially useful with older pets who are less physically activity than when they were younger. It’s a great way to feed your dog when you’re away from home and offers mid-day snacks while you’re at work. Check out this curated selection of the best automatic dog feeders out there.

AmazonBasics Pet Food and Water Dispenser

Best Overall

The AmazonBasics Pet Food and Water Dispenser is a complete solution to your pet’s feeding needs. This two-in-one solution uses gravity to create a reliable supply for your dog. The extra-wide mouth makes refilling fast and effortless. It’s easy to clean and the durable design is sure to deliver excellent performance.

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Programmable Distribution

If you are looking for a premium product, the WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder has some of the coolest features out there. You can automate up to four feedings per day, record custom voice messages to be played when you are gone, as well as set up advanced portion control and tracking options. You can power it with a cable plugged to an outlet, but this feeder also has a backup battery system to make sure your dog won’t miss a meal.

PetSafe Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Best Smart Feed

Use the power of your smartphone to feed your dog with the PetSafe Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder. Programmed with a reliable app, you can activate the feeder to dispense the right amount. You can schedule up to 12 different feedings in one day and set feedings in advance. The slow-feed option helps prevent digestive issues by releasing food gradually for 15 minutes to slow down your dog’s eating speed.

A full belly makes for a happy dog. Make sure your pet always has food, water, and treats to keep him content. With the amazing variety of automatic dog feeders available, you can find the best solution to fit your lifestyle. Pamper your dog while taking away some of your chores with the perfect feeder for creating reliable timed meals and portion-control routines.