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The best dog carriers for travel

Leaving your dog at home can be one of the worst feelings. They give you that puppy-eyed look that makes you want to take them with you everywhere. If you have a small dog, now you can. Dog carriers are designed to make transporting your pup easy, quick, and comfortable for both you and them. They are available in great designs like backpacks, sling bags, and soft crates for travel. The backpack and sling bag are perfect for bringing your dog on errands, transporting them to the park, or carrying them when they get tired. The soft crate style is designed for bringing your dog on car rides or airplanes. No matter how you need to transport your furry, little friend, a dog carrier is the best, most comfortable solution.

Your dog can be your best friend so leaving them behind can really stink. Luckily, with a handy dog carrier, you don’t have to. Dog carriers are designed to make transporting your pup so much simpler. ,They have gotten more unique and creative in design and style to make carrying your dog convenient, easy and fun. These designs are not only functional, they are absolutely adorable. Check out some of the best dog carriers on the market and take your adorable dog everywhere you go.

AmazonBasics Premium Portable Soft Crate

Best for Travel

This carrier has a shoulder strap for carrying and soft, fabric sides for extra comfort. It is available in five sizes and five colors. The windows on this pet carrier are made of mesh, allowing for great ventilation and light for your pet.

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Best Backpack

This pet carrier backpack, designed for small dogs or puppies, allows you to strap your dog in like a baby. It is available in four sizes and several colors including red, blue, and green.

TOMKAS Small Carrier Sling

Best Sling Bag

This sling has a padded shoulder strap and features a zipper pocket for storage. This sling is great for older dogs that can’t walk long distances. It has a weight capacity of 10 pounds.

With a convenient, cute dog carrier, you never have to leave your little dog behind again. Choose a carrier that is comfortable and convenient for both you and your dog. You will love being able to transport your pup easily and comfortably and your dog will love getting to come with you. Dog carriers have gotten more fun in design and functionality. Some of the best designs to choose from are soft crate carriers, backpack carriers, and sling bag carriers. So, no matter how you need to transport your furry friend, a dog carrier will be the best, most comfortable solution.