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The best dog kennels for home or travel

Another problem to consider is just the sheer number and variety of kennels out there. Some are plastic, others metal. Some are soft-sided with hard tops, and others are hard-shell all around, while others can collapse for easier storage and travel. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry. We have some recommendations for you to check out.

It’s true that it’s more fun to shop around for dog toys and treats. But getting a dog kennel for indoor or outdoor use is just as important. You want to make sure you get a kennel that’s both practical and comfortable for your little friend, especially if you’re looking for large dog kennels. Consider if you need one that’s portable or perhaps one that has a cover to protect from rain or sun.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Best Overall

This “All-inclusive Dog Crate” is ideal for adult dogs weighing 41 to 70 pounds. It has two heavy-duty slide bolt latches to keep the door closed, protecting you and your dog. It also comes with a divider panel and a durable dog tray for added value.

Zampa Portable Kennel

Best Portable

If you’re looking for a kennel that’s portable, this is the one to get. It’s designed as an eight-panel playpen, with a spacious interior and extra pockets on the outside to carry personal items and drinks with you. No assembly is required, and it folds completely flat for easy travel.

Lucky Dog Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

Best with Cover

If you plan on keeping a kennel outside, you should consider getting one with a cover to protect your dog from the elements. This one comes with a waterproof roof cover that fits perfectly and is even ultraviolet resistant.

Our dogs have a natural “den” instinct. That means they tend to prefer an area in which they secure and enclosed for naps and lounging. The right dog kennel can help them feel safer, especially when they’re anxious, like when traveling or when they just arrive to a new home or yard. Hopefully, these top picks can help.

Think big dogs breeds can’t be in an apartment? Think again
Consider these big dog breeds if you're an apartment dweller
A harlequin Great Dane sleeps on their bed on a wooden floor

When you think about an apartment-dwelling dog, you likely think of a toy or small breed. Chihuahuas, French bulldogs, Maltese, and Pomeranians are often seen walking out of high-rises and suburban rentals. There are valid reasons for this stereotype. Unlike big dog breeds, smaller pups typically don’t need as much exercise (physical activity is important for dogs, regardless of their size, though). Practically, smaller dogs take up less room.

However, don’t count out a larger dog if you live in an apartment. With the right situation, some big dog breeds may even be better roommates in an apartment than their smaller peers. Before welcoming a larger dog into your smaller space, here’s what to know.

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Pamper your pooch with the best dog Valentine’s Day activities
Dog pampering, adventures, and more: The best Valentine's Day activities for pups
A woman taking a selfie with her white dog

Valentine’s Day celebrates love. Whether you’re single or with someone special, let’s share a secret between friends: Your dog is your main squeeze. Your pooch’s unconditional love and snuggles have helped you get through challenging times, and their one-of-a-kind personality has improved your brightest days.

Showering your dog with love on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. However, what should you do for the dog that has given you everything and so much more? Even these days — where news of shortages dominates the headlines — there are so many dog Valentine’s Day activities you and your furry best friend can enjoy this year. Choose one, or consider ditching work and treating your pup to a day of dog pampering and memories.

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6 ways to make your Super Bowl party dog-friendly this year
Snacks, safety, and other details to throw the best dog-friendly Super Bowl party
A poodle mix dog wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt and hat sits and looks into the camera

As football fans from across the country gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, you might find yourself getting swept up in the hype. We get it! The NFL championship game is a big deal, and it's fun to get together with loved ones to mark the occasion. While you're planning your football-themed menu and decor, we encourage you to consider inviting furry friends, too. At the very least, make sure your own dog is well prepared for a fun day, too.
2023 pet trends revealed that more and more owners treat their dogs like their children, so we wouldn't be surprised to see a rise in dog-friendly Super Bowl parties this year. That's why we've compiled six important ways anyone can accommodate pets at their Super Bowl party -- from finding the right snacks to finding the right space.

Don't forget to provide snacks for dogs, as well as people
There are two key components to a successful Super Bowl party -- watching the game and enjoying the food -- so once you've got your location decided, make sure to plan a menu that accommodates everyone you've invited. That means feeding the dogs, too!
Most owners will have their own plan for feeding their pup dinner, but when it comes to snacks, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. When in doubt, ask ahead about your canine guests' preferences and restrictions. That way, other pet parents can bring food for their pups -- and no one is excluded.
A classic homemade dog biscuit is always a safe snack to have on hand, and they last for a long time as leftovers, too. Since most recipes will have you making and baking dough, you can use a football-shaped cookie cutter or silicone mold to add to the day's festivities!

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