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The best dog strollers for medium-sized dogs

For parents of multiple pets, a medium-size stroller is the best way to walk them together. Your fur babies will love to snuggle up close while you take them out for a pleasant stroll. Be prepared for the ultimate cuteness.

For elderly or disabled dogs, a pet stroller is their only way to get out and enjoy nature. Don’t let your sick dog get depressed at home. Keep them happy and let them know how much you care with a medium-size stroller from our list. These handy items help dogs recover and are essentials for parents of older pups. They allow your furry friend to experience the outdoors when they need it most. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Hauck TOGfit Pet Roadster

Best Quality

The award-winning Hauck TOGfit Pet Roadster is a premium quality stroller for medium dogs who travel in style. This safe and comfy carrier features a soft mattress that is tear-proof. It holds up to 70 pounds to increase the quality of life of your senior or sick pup. Thanks to the zipper, you can put your pooch in the stroller from the sides, back or front. Choose the most comfortable entry point, and take your pet out for some fresh air.

HPZ Pet Rover Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

Best Premium

Made from the most premium and durable materials, the HPZ Pet Rover is the luxury dog stroller you’ve been looking for. With a smooth one-hand mechanism, you’ll easily open and close this stroller to put it in the trunk of your car. Its compact design takes minimal space when folded, to avoid taking up too much space at restaurants or when you store it at home. The interior is soft and convertible to hold several pets of different sizes. It features a human-grade suspension system with comfort-ride wheels for a pleasant ride everywhere you go.

Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller

Best Easy Entry

For pets with limited range of movement, the Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller features an easy entry design that dogs love. No more carrying your dog into the stroller. With a push-button system, your pup simply walks into the spacious cabin with cushioned interiors. This stroller doesn’t have any uncomfortable zippers and folds away easily to take up minimal storage space. Its handle is adjustable for your comfort.

If your favorite pal needs extra help walking or loves to feel pampered, a stroller for medium-size dogs is your perfect solution. The items on our list are a must for any pet parent who takes their dog on long walks and always wants to keep their furry friend by their side. Take these strollers for a spin and watch your pup light up with the fresh breeze and exciting sights.

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At first glance, trail mix might look like a healthy snack for everyone in your home. It has a little sugar, some healthy fats, and a small number of carbohydrates to keep you going throughout the day. Sounds great, right?
Although people can eat as much trail mix as they please, the same isn't true for our canine friends. There are many ingredients in this popular combo that aren't safe for dogs to eat. Let's go over a few of the reasons why as we answer some of the most common questions:

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Hang at the dog park
This is the pastime of many dogs, both large and small. Don't stay away from the park just because your bud can't race around for hours on end. Many parks now specifically set aside sections for small breeds. Take your pup there to find friends of a similar size. If you want to foray into the big dog section (or there isn't an area available for your pup), you can always ask the group if the dogs in there are friendly to their little cousins.
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Travel together
One of the biggest benefits of having a little dog is they can go on planes and trains. If your pooch seems to enjoy exploring new places, take them with you on vacation. The fees to travel by air can be a little high and there are some rules (you need them to lie down quietly under the seat for the duration of the flight). But for many doggies, they prefer the flight to staying behind with a sitter.

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