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The best dog toy baskets to stay organized

Many dog toy baskets feature a durable exterior and interior that can be easily wiped clean. They also sport handles designed to provide an easy and comfortable grip. Best of all, the majority of baskets have a large capacity to hold a lot of items. These dog toy baskets check a lot of the beneficial boxes, so they give you the storage help and overall look you need.

In addition to toys, a dog toy basket can store leashes, collars, blankets, outfits, treats, grooming supplies, and much more. Many of the baskets can be collapsed and stored when not in use and offer designs tailored to match a home’s decor. These dog toy baskets are both useful and eye-catching, so they fit well in your home.

Bone Dry Bone Shape Pet Organizer

Best Wicker Bin

To add one of the best wicker dog toy baskets to your home, get the Bone Dry Bone Shape Pet Organizer. Its natural water hyacinth material is woven into a metal frame in the shape of a bone. Trimmed in a darker sea grass color fiber, the basket is durable and long-lasting and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

TheWarmHome Decorative Basket

Most Versatile

Looking for a very versatile dog toy basket? The TheWarmHome Decorative Basket hits the versatility mark since it also can store books, magazines, shores, clothes, towels, blankets, decorations, office supplies, DVDs, and other items. It’s made of durable linen and EVA and sports a sturdy metal rod frame around the top to help that basket retain its shape.

DII Collapsible Polyester Storage Basket

Best Value

You can tap the daily double of a useful and low-priced dog basket by getting the DII Collapsible Polyester Storage Basket. The high-value option can hold up to 20 pounds of dog toys, knickknacks, children's toys, magazines, craft supplies, and other items. It’s available in a number of fun, trendy, and attractive styles and colors to better match decor in various rooms.

Gain a helpful way to store your dog’s toys — and a whole lot more — by buying a big dog toy basket. These leading baskets are not only large but big on versatility and value.