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The best durable dog toys for your playful pet

A durable dog chew toy is important to have when you have an aggressive biter. You do not want to get anything that can easily break. You do not want any harmful materials that are inside softer toys to come out and hurt your dog. You also do not want fleece or plush everywhere, which would be messy and dangerous if ingested. A durable chew toy for dogs will keep them and your family safe.

Many dog toys are advertised as indestructible, unbreakable, and tough, but how do you actually find a dog toy that can withstand your aggressive chewer’s demands? To find the right kinds of toys, you have to look at the materials and the type of toy you are getting. Thicker materials, like rubber and rope, make for great toys that hold up to your canine’s tough bites.

Benebone Dog Chew Toy

Best Overall

The tried-and-true Benebone Dog Chew Toy is a long-lasting chewer toy made for aggressive biters. The wishbone is curved to make it easy for paws to grip onto. This ergonomic design will make it a go-to chewing toy for them since they do not have to work around straight lines that are harder to grip. The flavoring on the outside is made of real ingredients like bacon, chicken, and peanut butter, so it will be sure to entice your dog for hours on end.

Arm & Hammer For Pets Dental Chew Toy For Dogs

Best for Dental Health

If you want to promote your dog’s dental health, the Arm & Hammer Dental Chew Toy For Dogs will help your dog’s teeth by freshening their breath and reducing tartar. This is due to the design of the durable rubber. The toy is covered in grooves that will help reach your dog’s gum line to effectively freshen up their teeth. You can also place their favorite treat inside so they can rush right to it.

Chew King Dog Toy Ball

Best for Fetching

Does your dog love running just as much as chewing? The Chew King Dog Toy Ball is ready to be thrown around and played with! These natural rubber balls will not get unpleasant when wet, making them better than a standard tennis ball. The rubber makes it bouncy and resistant to any morphing. You can also tuck a treat inside of the ball’s hole, which doubles as a safety air vent to prevent your dog’s tongues from getting stuck.

Your dog deserves to play and enjoy their time without you worrying about the safety of their toys. Buying yourself some durable dog toys will help you give your dog options. These durable dog toys will last a long time, so even softer chewers can still enjoy these fun toys for a long time.

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