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The best grain-free dog treats for rewarding your pooch

Your dog is showing symptoms of food allergies like excessive scratching and unexplainable red skin. Switch to grain-free dog treats if you suspect that corn, wheat, oats, and other similar ingredients might be the culprit. We’ve researched the most balanced recipes on the market and listed the top ones here to help you choose.

A grain-free diet consists of treats and food rich in protein, healthy fats, and essential minerals. Unfortunately, many dog food brands substitute these important ingredients with lower and more inexpensive alternatives like grain byproducts. This is especially true for small treats that dogs readily eat every day. All-natural grain free dog treats include jerky, bone marrow, vegetables and seeds, and other combinations of veggies, meats, and fats. Grain-free dog training is also ideal to prevent a preference for less nutritious food in general. Whether you’re a new owner or an experienced fur baby parent, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in.

Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Treats

Best for Training

The wheat-free doggy treats from Old Mother Hubbard are our best pick for training, thanks to a sweet mix of carrot and pumpkin fortified by hearty flaxseed. A mini bone-shaped size makes these crunchy biscuits easy to stash in a jar or in a pouch when you’re on a walk. The small size also makes these great for young pups in training.

Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Dog Treats

Best Protein

The Wellness Core treats provide energy-boosting protein to keep your pet’s muscles strong and healthy. Each pint-sized jerky treat contains zero grain and 100% high-quality beef. This product is made in the USA and sourced from trusted global partners. Other wholesome ingredients include chickpea flour, flaxseed, chicken fat, rosemary extract, and sweet potatoes.

HILL'S Soft-Baked Naturals Dog Treats

Best Value

HILL’s dog delights are made of duck meat, chicken fat, pumpkin, potatoes, peas, pork gelatin, and natural flavors, providing your pet with more than 50 nutrients. The soft-baked treats are cooked without common grains like soy, corn, or wheat. Additionally, no preservatives or synthetic flavors can be found in these healthy treats.

Make obedience training a breeze with a bag of grain-free dog treats your pet will work hard for. If you’re searching for grain-free dog treats for teeth and overall oral health, we recommend trying out dental-specific treats, which are available in chewy or tough stick form. Otherwise, all the treats on our list help fulfill your dog’s daily nutrient requirements with premium quality ingredients.