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The best hedgehog dog toys for determined chewers

If your dog is alone when you’re at work, leave them company with a hedgehog dog toy that will keep them amused until you’re back home. These toys come in squeaky puzzle models and plushie replicas that offer your dog positive alternatives to chewing on furniture and other materials. To help you discover the right toy for your pet, we’ve disclosed the leading brands on the market here.

Hedgehog squeak toys are a staple in every pet home. There are classic plush chew toys that offer your puppy relief from teething or your senior dog from boredom. Traditional squeak toys are also a good idea for pets that need mental and physical stimulation.

Consider more complex designs like hide-and-seek hedgehogs that your pet needs to extract from their little den if you have a particularly energetic dog such as a Border Collie. Depending on your dog’s age and personality, the right toy for them will differ. Let’s see which product might be best for your home.

Outward Hound Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

Best Overall

Outward Hound takes the squeak puzzle dog toy to the next level. Shaped like a tree trunk with two hedgehogs peeping out, this cute toy hides squeakers your dog will dig for endlessly. The removable hedgehogs keep your puppy entertained for hours.

ZippyPaws Hide-And-Seek Plush Dog Toy

Best Squeaky Puzzle

The ZippyPaws dog toy is the best squeaky puzzle model on our list. It features three squeaky hedgehogs stuffed into their den for your pet to dig out. Round squeakers provide more satisfying squeaks as compared with traditional disk-shaped models.

Pawaboo Squeak Plush Dog Toy

Best Plush Doll

The Pawaboo hedgehog dog toy is the best plush doll alternative to hide-and-seek squeak toys. This toy is ideal for interactive play to teach dogs gentle handling and retrieval when you’re home and for independent play when you’re out. A triple-layer filling resists tearing and ripping.

Hedgehog toys are more than just cute plush toys for your pet. Squeaky puzzles and well-designed models offer your dog mental and physical stimulation, which is critical to preventing boredom-induced destructive behavior. These toys are also used to train young pups to be gentle in social situations and to chew on toys, not on furniture or valuable home goods. Try a toy from our list to sharpen your dog’s mind and body, and you’ll notice that your pet is more relaxed and obedient.