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The best batteries for invisible fence dog collars

There are many types of batteries for invisible fence dog collars available. Many of them are lithium-ion batteries or can be used in a number of different invisible fence pet containment systems. Some also are versatile, waterproof, or long-lasting. When you’re considering your next purchase, include these top-notch batteries for invisible fence dog collars among your top candidates.

Dog collars for invisible fence pet containment systems require a new battery about every three months. Check to see if it’s a 3- or 6-volt battery and what type of battery it is. Some of the batteries are available in packs of two or more. When it’s time to replace one, consider one of these reliable and effective batteries for invisible fence dog collars.

PetSafe 6 Volt Replacement Batteries

Best Waterproof

If a waterproof model is your top battery choice for an invisible fence dog collar, the PetSafe Six-Volt Replacement Batteries might be ideal. They come in a two-pack of lithium metal replacement batteries that work with the PetSafe bark collar as well as in-ground and wireless fence receiver collar systems. The battery modules are waterproof and can last one to three months depending on usage.

Perimeter Technologies Extra Battery

Most Versatile

To access a versatile battery for an invisible fence dog collar, grab the Perimeter Technologies Extra Battery. It’s a compatible brand battery made for R21, R22, R51 and microlite dog collars. It’s engineered to work the same as invisible fence brand batteries at about half the cost.

Fido’s Fences Replacement Battery

Best Value Pick

Why not go for the best value when buying a battery for an invisible fence dog collar? Fido’s Fences Replacement Battery offers it in spades. It comes in a 10-pack of high-quality batteries that are compatible with Pet Safe RFA-67 batteries. Fido’s batteries are engineered to last as long or longer than most other batteries.

Make sure your invisible fence pet containment system remains in order by keeping the battery fresh in your dog’s collar. These effective and well-made batteries for invisible fence dog collars can help you ensure the system stays running.