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The best large antler dog chews for your pet

If you are looking for a natural alternative to animal bones, give antler dog chews a try. Your four-legged pal will thank you and have a lot more love for you. Give them one to try, and watch them go crazy with them. Check out this list of suggestions, and find the perfect option for your best friend.

Antlers are a big favorite of large dogs; the hardness and texture allow them to really release tension without risk of hurting their canines. Pun intended. One of the biggest advantages is that they give your dog that tasty marrow but have less risk of breaking and splintering than bones.

Elk Antler Dog Chew by Devil Dog Pet Co.

Best for Good Cause

If you want to make your dog happy and save another dog’s life at the same time, then the Elk Antler Dog Chew by Devil Dog Pet Co. is your perfect match. This veteran-owned brand offers premium elk antlers wild sourced and cruelty-free. A percentage of the profits of this company go to an animal rescue where they take care of forgotten dogs.

Deer Antler Dog Chew by Heartland Antlers

Best Budget

For those looking for an affordable solution, the Deer Antler Dog Chew by Heartland Antlers offers amazing quality products with a budget-friendly pricing, featuring completely natural antlers with no processing, no additives and no preservatives. They are very long-lasting.

Pet Parents Gnawtlers

Best Sealed Packaged

The Pet Parents Gnawtlers are Grade A premium raw elk antlers specially selected for their weight, density, color, and shape. Then they are sorted, weighed, cut, sanded, inspected, vacuum-sealed, and labeled becoming Gnawtlers. They are one of the safest and healthiest ways to provide dental care and emotional relief to your furry friend, perfect for large breeds of dogs over 40 pounds.

Whether you are celebrating your pup’s birthday or adoption anniversary, whether you need a holiday gift, or whether you just adore your furbaby, give them the time of their life with this amazing treat. Antler dog chews are not only healthy but are also a great way to soothe and entertain your gnawing dog!