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The best spiked dog collars for your pet

A spiked dog collar typically is made of leather and sports nickel or brass spikes. The collar is designed to protect the most vulnerable part of a dog’s body: its neck. If you hunt, hike, or camp, the collar can protect your dog from other vicious animals. For added protection for your dog, consider getting one of these well-made and durable spiked dog collars.

Although the spikes on a spiked dog collar can be very sharp, they are arranged in a way that won’t injure the pet. However, the collar could hurt a person, another dog or an animal if they attempt to grab the neck of a dog wearing one. Since a spiked collar can help protect your dog, consider getting one of these effective yet safe-to-wear collars.

teemerryca Leather Spiked Collar

Best Gift Set

To obtain another fun toy for your dog along with a good spiked collar, get the teemerryca Leather Spiked Collar gift set. It comes with a sturdy leather collar with punk spikes and a squeak ball. The spikes aren’t overly sharp and are designed to prevent hurting your pet's skin and pulling out their hair. Available in six sizes, the collar can be used by small-, medium- and large-size dogs.

AOLOVE Mushrooms Spiked Collar

Most Durable

Need a very durable spiked dog collar? Then consider the AOLOVE Mushrooms Spiked Collar. It’s made of strong high-quality faux leather and features nickel-plated hardware and a heavy duty D-ring to help protect a dog’s neck. Yet the collar strives to offer a fashionable and personalized touch. It includes five adjustment holes.

Berry Pet Beirui Sharp Spiked Dog Collar

Best with Sharp Rivets

If a spiked dog collar with sharp rivets interests you, explore the Berry Pet Beirui Sharp Spiked Dog Collar. Made of soft and thick polyurethane leather, the collar sports very sharp spikes to better protect a dog’s neck. It features a heavy-duty D-ring studded with mushroom rivets and plated as a leash attachment sturdy enough for walking or training dogs.

To better protect your dog from other dogs and vicious animals, get a good spiked dog collar. These sharp-spiked and yet sharp-looking collars can up the protection factor by quite a bit.