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The best bird baths for cages

Not just a decorative element for your pet’s home, bird baths for cages keep your friend’s skin clean and moisturized. It also provides a fun activity for your bird, which may get antsy in a cage, especially when they’re alone. We’ve revealed our favorite brands here to help you find the bird bath you’re looking for.

One big consideration when it comes to cage baths is size. Make sure it’s large enough for your bird but not so much that it takes up all the room in their cage. Ideally, the bath should be easy to maintain even when used every day. Some bird baths are designed to attach onto the outside of a cage, while others can be installed both inside and outside.

Choose a clear bird bath so you can monitor your pet to make sure they’re comfortable during bath time. Other features you might appreciate are nonslip bases for freestanding baths and easy-install baths. Check out our lineup to see what we mean.

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

Best Multifit

The Lixit bird bath is a versatile multifit tub you can install outside or inside the cage. Its twist and lock installation makes it easy to mount but is secure enough for even the most active birds. Note that this clear plastic bird bath is best for smaller to medium-size birds like canaries, cockatiels, and finches.

JW Pet Bird Bath Accessory

Best for Square Cages

If you need a bird bath for your square cage, consider JW Pet’s hanging accessory. A space-saving design makes this best for small to medium cages and birds. Attach this clear bath onto the main cage door for convenience.

Vision Bird Bath

Best Budget

The Vision bird bath is the best budget, freestanding option to keep in your pet’s cage. A grippy, anti-slip base prevents tilting while a clear, dome design allows you to keep an eye on your bird during baths. This cage is also easy to clean for those extra warm days when your bird might be splashing nonstop.

Bird baths are essential for your pet to keep their feathers and skin moist and dirt-free. Regular baths also balance your pet’s oil levels and allow them to cool off during warmer months. If your bird loves to take baths, consider purchasing a tub that’s easy to clean, but provides enough room to splash around. Luckily, any of the bird baths on our list is compatible with cages for common house pets.

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