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The best hamster chew toys for healthy teeth

Hamsters instinctively love to chew due to their ever-growing front teeth. These front pearly whites need to be ground down with hamster chew toys to keep them from growing too large. To help you find the right chew toy for your hamster, we’ve listed our favorite ones here.

A hamster chew toy also keeps your pet from chewing on materials like their cage or water bottle, which can permanently damage their teeth. Most hamster chew toys are edible, which makes them safe for your hammy to eat. These include traditional wood sticks to corn husks that provide your hamster with entertainment and a safe pastime. In addition to rodent pellets and their treats, hamster chew toys keep your pet healthy. Let’s check out your choices.

Kaytee Wood And Loofah Chews

Best Combo

Kaytee’s hamster chews are a two-in-one combo of wooden sticks and loofah chews. The puzzle-shaped and multicolor loofahs help combat cage boredom when you may not be around to play. If you have a Kaytee kabob for hanging toys and treats, these chews will fit perfectly.

Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Chew Treat

Best Crunchy

Ware Manufacturing created these crunchy rice and corn treats that come in an array of bright colors. Hand-feed these to your hamster or hang them up on the same brand’s kabob for independent play. The satisfying crunch and appealing color keep pets entertained.

eCOTRITION Small Animal Cheesie Chews

Best Cheese-flavored

The eCOTRITION chews are packed with cheese flavor in an iconic wedge shape. This long-lasting chew stuffed with teeth-cleaning rice bits is suitable for pets that need dental maintenance from cleaning to trimming.

A hamster chew toy keeps your pet from gnawing on rough surfaces like their cage or other metal bits. These flavorful treats also keep your pet’s teeth clean and manageably ground down, since their chompers grow continuously no matter their age. From aromatic apple wood sticks to flavorful cheese wedges, there is a hamster chew for any pet on our comprehensive list.

Healthy weights for rabbits explained
Young girl holding a gray rabbit

Just like humans, bunnies come in all shapes and sizes. And, just as it wouldn’t be prudent to expect a tall, muscular man to weigh the same as his shorter, leaner neighbor, it’s the same with rabbits. One weight does not fit all.

Having said that, keeping an eye on their weight is an important part of their overall health. Work with your veterinarian to establish a healthy weight for your rabbit, then monitor it weekly to maintain its optimal health.
How do I know if my bunny is too fat?
Since rabbits can hide weight loss and gain under their thick coats of fur, it’s best to use a body-assessment process to monitor what’s going on underneath. Use your hands to check these three main areas of the body and make notes so you can monitor any trends.

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The best treats to give your pet rabbit
Rabbit eating romaine lettuce

Make your bunny hop with excitement every time you show up with delicious and healthy treats. Remember that your rabbit must cover 80% of their diet with fresh hay and complement the rest with a variety of fresh food. With moderation, they can enjoy sweet fruits, plants, veggies, and even homemade cookies. Some supplementation using pellets and food enhancers can help get the perfect balance and prevent any possible deficiency. Like everyone else, bunnies love treats, so check out this curated list of the great options to provide your pet with the best treats.
Bunnies love sweets

The best way to satisfy your furball’s sweet tooth is using fresh fruit. Feed these options sparingly and in small pieces. The high levels of sugar in fruit can be harmful to your rabbit if you feed them a lot of fruit regularly. In moderation, it is the best way to complement your bunny’s diet with the proper enzymes to break down food and hair they might have swallowed. These are the safest fruits you can use as treats for your pet rabbit:

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This is how to remove bird poop stains from clothes (tips that really work)
Follow these tips to get bird poop out of your clothes
Statue covered in bird poop
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