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The best window bird feeders for easier bird watching

If you love the idea of waking up to birds chirping near your bed, you would enjoy a window bird feeder for your home. With bird feeders on windows, you can observe nature up close and personal.

No need to go far to relish in the beauty of nature. If you love birds and want to keep them well-fed, a bird feeder that attaches to windows is the ideal way to bring the outdoors to you. Let’s take a look at our favorite window-mounted bird feeders.

Nature's Hangout Window Bird Feeder

Best Overall

Get close views of your favorite wild birds like never before with the Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder. Made from sturdy acrylic, this high transparency feeder makes sure you don’t miss out on the best bird watching. Toss your binoculars and relax in your favorite chair while you watch birds eat yummy treats. This fun bird feeder provides hours of entertainment for kids, pets, and the entire family.

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

Best Weatherproof

Rain or shine, you can enjoy a clear view of the local birds with the Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder. This 3-cup tray features heavy-duty acrylic that withstands the elements and won’t shatter. It includes four powerful suction cups that offer extra-strength adhesion to stay on your window. And with the cutout back, you have the clearest visibility and front-row seats to the best nature show around.

Gray Bunny Deluxe Window Bird Feeder

Best Value

With the Gray Bunny Deluxe Window Bird Feeder, you get a premium product at wholesale price. It’s made of extra-thick acrylic that’s sturdy and lightweight. Combined with premium-grade suction cups, the tray securely attaches to your window. The removable tray makes cleaning and refilling easier. With four cups of birdseed and draining holes that prevent mold, you’ll reduce the frequency of refills and enjoy more of the birdwatching you love.

Add a touch of nature to your home with the bird feeders on our list. With these beautifully designed feeders, your window will soon feel and sound like a fairy tale. The window-mounted bird feeders on our list are the best way for you to enjoy the relaxation and happiness that nature brings right from the comfort of your home.