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The best leather dog leashes for an elegant look

There are several advantages to leather dog leashes. They provide better grip stability since they are less likely to slip through your hands when a dog pulls or lunges. Plus, a leather leash doesn’t become slippery when wet like a nylon leash. To tap those benefits, consider getting one of these leading leather dog leashes.

There are many types of leather dog leashes. When you’re in the market to buy one, you need to consider fit, length, color, features, and price. Not all leashes are the same. The better ones are made of premium leather hides selected for their thickness and consistency. For help in choosing one, consider these premium, well-made leather dog leashes.

Fairwin Leather Dog Leash

Best Quality

Quality is an important attribute in a leather dog leash. To obtain one of the highest-quality leashes, get the Fairwin Leather Dog Leash. The 6-foot, handmade and no-slip leash for medium or small dogs is produced entirely from quality imported leather. It sports an authentic flavor and modern fashion style and is designed to be strong and durable. The leash can carry a 500-pound pull force, so it has a strong tensile resistance.

ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash

Best Heavy-Duty

Need a good heavy-duty leather dog leash? Then check out the ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash. Made to last for years, the superior 6-foot leash is produced from a single piece of premium-grade genuine leather. The resistant leash is the ideal length for walks and dog training. It features a 360-degree, heavy-duty, stainless-steel clasp to help make the leash stronger.

FOCUSPET Leather Leash With Two Handles

Best Training Leash

If you’re looking for a leather dog leash that’s tailored more for training than walking, take a gander at the FOCUSPET Leather Leash With Two Handles. The 6-foot leash sports a thicker padded design so it’s strong and durable and yet comfortable for training. It won't tear at hands or collect hair like nylon leashes do. Its two padded handles (long and traffic) offer more superior control.

Keep your dog under control and your hands free from burning and slippery-when-wet sensations by using a good leather dog leash. These upper-echelon leashes are durable, fashionable and comfortable.