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7 cat podcasts to listen to right now that will have you hooked

Cat podcasts are a purr-fect way to enjoy some feline-themed entertainment, learn fascinating cat facts, and discover great stories about cats. Podcasts are a versatile form of entertainment since you can listen to them when you’re cleaning the house, relaxing at the end of the day, or spending time playing with your cat. The good news is that there are many cat podcasts to choose from, including those designed for information, entertainment, and everything in between. But which is the best cat podcast to listen to? We’ve highlighted seven great choices that are definitely worth a listen, and your new favorite is probably among them.

Nine Lives with Dr. Kat

The Nine Lives with Dr. Kat podcast sets common myths about cats straight — and you’ll hear those facts straight from the doctor’s mouth. Episode topics include how you can make your cat’s life better, weird things that cats do, how to cook for your cat, and more. New episodes are released once or twice a month, so you can easily stay caught up with this podcast.

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Cattitude, hosted by Michelle Fern and Tom Dock, focuses on the many different breeds of cats in existence. You’ll learn all about breeds, but you’ll also get great tips on how to keep your cat healthy and which new products are available for your kitty. If you’re thinking about getting another cat and are exploring the different breeds available, this might be the perfect podcast for you. Episodes are released weekly, so there’s plenty of fresh content to listen to.

In a Purrfect World

In a Purrfect World, hosted by Pamela Merritt, gives you valuable insight into your cat’s nature and what he’s thinking. Merritt, an author and blogger, tackles one cat challenge each week, so you can better develop your relationship with your cat in steps. Topics include how to manage your cat’s stress, bringing home an adult cat, the many uses of cat toys, and more.

Cat Talk Radio

Cat Talk Radio is a weekly podcast on all things cat. It’s hosted by Molly DeVoss and includes all sorts of discussions on cat behavior and how to modify unwanted behaviors. The show also offers plenty of fun cat facts and helps you learn how to have fun and build a relationship with your furry friend. Recent episodes tackle topics like whether cats can see ghosts, how to help your cat be comfortable around strangers, how to reduce your cat’s stress during a move, and more.

Two Vets Talk Pets

In Two Vets Talk Pets, you’ll learn how to keep your pet healthy, thanks to veterinarians Dr. Lewis Kirkham and Dr. Robbie Anderton. The two vets hold lighthearted yet informative discussions about pet health, including veterinary, behavior, and training advice. This podcast is released weekly, and recent episodes covered topics including foods that appeal to older cats, how to tell if cats are happy, whether cats like their owner’s scent and more.

Cat Cafe Podcast

The Cat Cafe Podcast focuses on your cat’s health and fitness. It’s hosted by cat veterinarian Dr. Susan Little and cat surgeon Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn. Together, the hosts discuss topics that cat lovers want to know about, like what it means when your cat is chatting, what to do if your cat ate something bad, and why declawing cats is a bad idea. Episodes are just 20 minutes long, making this cat podcast a quick-and-easy listen.

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19 Cats and Counting

In 19 Cats and Counting, Rita Reimers, cat behavior expert and multi-cat specialist, helps you learn how to better understand your cat. She discusses the good and the bad of living with cats and tackles topics like what to do if your cat pees on the rug, doesn’t like your significant other, or wakes you up in the middle of the night for food. You can catch new episodes about twice a month.

These cat podcasts are fabulous ways to obtain fascinating information about your cat. You can learn everything from how your cat thinks to what to do in a health emergency to the new, cool cat breed that you’d never heard of before. Check out the above podcasts and see which ones you love the most. Then, sit down on the couch with your cat, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and listen to the latest episodes of your new favorite podcasts. You’re sure to learn something and have a good time doing it, and your relationship with your cat stands to benefit.

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