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a ffuffy cat in a cardboard box

Why do cats spray? This obnoxious behavior, explained

Why do cats spray? It's essential to understand why (and whether your cat is really spraying at all). Plus, tips to help you curb the cat spraying.
Kitten sitting outside of litter box

How to introduce a new litter box to your cat: Our top tips

Shorthair kitten sitting in a litter box

Why is your cat lying in the litter box?

Striped cat sitting on a bed in the bedroom

Why is my cat peeing on my bed? The real truth (and how to stop this gross habit)

Tabby cat sitting in a litter box

The coolest cat litter box options for your furry friend

Orange cat sitting in a covered litter box, looking out

6 litter box hacks we think are genius (and will save you tons of cleanup)

Blue litter box with scoop

How to get rid of fleas from the litter box: Step-by-step instructions

Cat in a covered litter box

Self-cleaning litter boxes: Are they really worth it?

Cat jumping out of a litter box

Reddit says the best cat litter is actually… pellets for a Traeger?!

Kitten sitting in a litter box looking up

7 telltale signs your cat may be allergic to their litter (and what you can do to help)

Kitten in litter box

How to dispose of used cat litter

Cat sitting next to a green litter box

Consider these 5 things before using beach sand as cat litter

Orange cat sitting in a covered litter box, looking out

The best cat litter under $25 that doesn’t stick to paws

This cat litter is great and it won't make a mess in your house.
White cat sitting in a litter box

Why you shouldn’t flush cat litter (even if it says it’s flushable)

Disposing of cat litter the right way is essential. Here's why you should never flush cat litter.
Kneeling down cleaning a litter box with a cat sitting nearby

5 simple ways to keep litter from sticking to the box

Here's how to keep litter from sticking to your litter box.
Orange cat sitting in a covered litter box, looking out

Stop making your cats share a litter box — here’s why

This is what you need to know about litter boxes if you have multiple cats.
Kitten using a litter box

Avoid these common problems when litter-training a kitten

Don’t make these common mistakes when litter training your kitten.
Cat climbing into an enclosed litter box

6 useful solutions when your cat is pooping outside the litter box

Is your cat missing the litter box? Here's how to solve that problem.
Grey and white cat sitting outdoors

Why you should consider getting a litter box for your outdoor cat

You may not think outdoor cats need litter boxes, but here's why you should consider one.
Funny cat lying in a litter box

6 ingenious ways to hide a litter box in your home

Want to hide your litter box? Try these discreet strategies.
Tiger cat lying on an oriental rug

How to get that cat-pee smell out of your carpet

Cat urine smells gross. Here's how to get that odor out of your carpet.
Grey kitten sitting in a litter box

How to litter-train a kitten properly

Follow these strategies to get your kitten to use the litter box.
Cat standing in a litter box in a living room

4 great alternatives to cat litter that are actually sustainable

Looking for alternatives to traditional cat litter? These are the best options.
Cat climbing out of a Litter Robot litter box

Good, better, best: Modern litter boxes that hide in plain sight

These modern litter boxes will fit right in with your home decor.
Cat climbing out of a Litter Robot litter box

Is your home stinky? Try these litter box smell hacks

There's no reason for your litter box to smell bad.
Tiger kitten laying on a blanket, looking upward

Get rid of your clumping litter — this is the best litter for kittens

Here's how to choose the right litter for your kitten.
Gray cat sleeping in a litter box

3 reasons why your cat is sleeping in the litter box

Cats could be sleeping in the litter box for a number of medical or behavioral reasons.
Cat sitting in front of a Litter Robot litter box

4 of the best large-cat litter boxes under $40 we’ve ever seen

Have a big cat? These litter boxes will work well for them.
Cat sitting in front of a Litter Robot litter box

How to pick a spot for the litter box so your cat will actually use it

Finding the right home for the litter box is essential for making sure your cat will use it.
Tabby cat sitting next to a blue litter box

Everything you need to know about cleaning your litter box

With these steps, your cat's litter box will stay fresh and clean.
Tabby cat stepping into a litterbox

LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie: Picking the right one for you

Should you get the Litter Locker or Litter Genie? Here's what you should consider.
Cat scratches his ear on the floor

Why your indoor cat has fleas, and what you can do to stop them

You know he's not going outside, but your indoor cat still has fleas — here's how to root out the source.
Shorthair kitten sitting in a litter box

Choosing the best litter box liners

All litter box liners are not created equal. Think about these things when choosing one for your pet.
Orange and white cat in a litterbox

Is homemade cat litter an effective alternative?

Cat litter is expensive, but is it worth it to make your own? We discuss.
is diy cat litter worth it 2

Is DIY cat litter worth it?

If you are interested in saving money, protecting the environment, and promoting both human and feline health, DIY cat litter just might be the answer.
Kitten in litter box

The best place to put a litter box in your home

If you have a cat at home, you need an indoor litter box. Where should you put a litter box? We list our ideas for the best places and rooms to put one.
Orange cat in pink litter box

How often should you clean your cat’s litter?

How often should you clean cat litter? The answer depends on a variety of factors.You can balance your cat's needs with your own.
cat litter tray

What is the right amount of litter for your cat’s box?

Getting a cat is an exciting addition to your household - read up on how much litter you'll need for a happy cat.
Cat walking out of litter box

Why cats always cover their waste

Cats like to cover their waste while they are in the litter box. Learn why your cat does this unusual and mysterious habit