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Small cat sleeping on her back

Why do cats twitch in their sleep? The real reasons behind this curious behavior

Cats are well known for twitching in their sleep. Here's what this peculiar behavior means, why it's important, and when to be concerned.
An orange tabby cat sleeps with their eyes closed

Why do cats sleep so much? Are all those snooze sessions something to worry about?

Cat curled up in a ball while sleeping in grass

Video: We’ve seen some weird cat sleeping spots, but this feline’s is the strangest

Cat lying on its back and looking upside-down

Cat sleeping on back? The position may look funny, but it’s actually good news for cat parents

Black cat sleeping comfortably in a basket

How to tell if cats are sick just by watching their sleeping habits

Cat curled up and sleeping on a cat bed

Why heated cat beds are great for cats who sleep curled up

Tiger cat sleeping on a grey bed

Do cat sleep aids really work? Here’s what pet parents have to say

Two cats sleeping and cuddling together

Yes, cat sleep music is a thing, and nervous cats love it

Kitten lying inside of a blue blanket

The best cat blankets under $20 so comfy, you’ll be jealous of your cat

Black and white cat playing with a toy

The best sleeping cat toys under $27 to save your sanity

Cat inside of a large kennel

We’re debunking these 5 myths about cat boarding

Grey cat lying on a white comforter on a bed

7 useful tips to get your cat to sleep in your bed at night

Young black kitten sleeping in a basket

How much do kittens sleep? What you need to know

Sleep is important to a kitten's development. This is how much they should be getting.
best bunk beds furlow light walnut wood dog house

3 great bunk beds for cats and small dogs that save you space

Do you have multiple pets? These are the best bunk beds for your pets.
Cat sleeping on a polka dot cat bed chair

4 Disney-themed cat beds under $45 that are just magical

These Disney-themed cat beds are adorable and perfect for any cat.
Orange cat sleeping on the edge of a piece of furniture

How to manage your cat’s sleep cycle so you get a restful night

Cats are naturally nocturnal, but you can follow these strategies to keep them from keeping you up at night.
Grey cat sleeping in a cozy cat bed

The best cat beds under $75 for a comfortable sleep

Having a comfortable place to sleep is important. With these cat beds, sleep will come easy to your pets.
Cat sleeping on its back in the sun

Here’s where your cat prefers to sleep

A comfortable spot is essential to a cat's sleep. These are their favorite sleeping areas.
Orange kitten lying in a pink cat bed

These 4 heated cat beds will keep your pet toasty and warm

Heated cat beds offer a cozy place to sleep. Here are 4 of the best you can get.
Two cats sleeping together

The funniest cat sleeping positions we’ve seen

Cats sleep in silly ways — here are some of the best we've seen
Cat curled up in the sink

Why cats may suddenly change sleeping places

Is your cat napping in strange places? These might be the reasons why
Gray and white cat sleeping in the sun on its back

What do your cat’s sleeping positions mean?

The way your cat sleeps may be able to tell you something about them. We list various positions and how to interpret them.
Cat in shadows at night

Why cats sleep all day and how to get them to sleep at night

Does your cat sleep all day and disturb you at night? We explain why your cat does that and how you can get them to sleep at night
Cat lying on top of man on couch

Why cats love to lie on people

Cats have a fondness to lie on top of their owner and purr themselves to sleep. We list the reasons why they enjoy doing it
Calico cat sleeping on couch

Why cats sleep so much

We've put together the intriguing reasons why cats sleep so much.
Cat curled up in covers on bed

Yes, you should let your cat sleep in your bed with you

Many people enjoy sharing their bed with their cat at night. We highlight the pros and cons of allowing your cat to sleep beside you.
Curled-up cat sleeping in cover

Here’s where cats like to sleep in your home and why

Sometimes, cats like to change locations when they sleep. There are a few common things cats do when they're sleeping and what it could mean