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Therapy dog visits hospital patient

Therapy dogs spread love wherever they go: Does your dog qualify?

Therapy dogs spread love and comfort in hospitals, nursing homes, and more. If your dog is outgoing and loving read on to learn how to get them certified.
Brown and white rabbit sitting in front of a wooden door

How to litter train a rabbit in 6 simple steps

Golden retriever walking with owner

Golden retriever training 101: How to leash-train a golden retriever puppy

A brown bearded dragon on a tree trunk.

How to train bearded dragons in 3 simple steps

how to get a puppy stop whining closeup of with sad eyesjpg

Obedience 101: How to stop a puppy from whining using gentle methods

Girl pets her guinea pig in the grass

Guinea pig makes a daring leap in viral video, and now we’ve seen everything

Kitten biting the toe of a blue Croc shoe

How to stop a kitten from biting once and for all

a chihuahua sits on a potty pad on a wooden floor

4 wee-wee pad training mistakes to avoid with your puppy

Flock of homing pigeons flying

5 crazy facts about pigeon training you probably don’t know

Little girl holds her pet iguana

8 effective tips for iguana training

A tuxedo cat hiding inside of a paper bag.

4 incredible ways to calm a cat who’s scared of everything

A blue and yellow Macaw on roller-skates.

Now is the time to train your parrot to do tricks — here’s how

A white cat walking outdoors on a leash.

How to leash-train a cat in no time

Want to leash train your cat? Follow this handy guide.
dog body language girl hugging

Learn to understand a dog’s body language to avoid a dog bite

Dogs communicate their feelings in many ways. Learn how to know when a dog is feeling scared or aggressive in order to avoid a dangerous situation.
A gray cat biting someone's finger.

Why clicker training for cats is a great idea

This is why you should try clicker training for your cat.
Firefighter rescuing dog.

4 ways to keep your pet from starting a house fire

Plenty of house fires get started by pets. Here's how to keep that from happening to you.
Young woman choosing dog at shelter.

How to find the shelter dog that fits your lifestyle

We've got the tips and tricks you need for finding a dog at a shelter.
Three dogs playing in the water.

How to raise a pit bull to be friendly with other dogs

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but you can train them to be friendly with other dogs.
A tan and white guinea pig in the grass.

4 fun tricks you can train a guinea pig to do

Guinea pigs are adorable; guinea pigs that do tricks are even more so.
Side profile of a green and yellow parrot.

Stop your parrot from biting with these 4 solutions

Is your parrot biting? Here's how to get them to stop.
An overhead view of a man using his laptop with a beagle in his lap.

How to keep pets from ruining your work-from-home meetings

Follow these tips and tricks to keep your pet from interrupting you when you're working from home.
A blue and purple betta fish swimming in a tank.

How to train your betta fish: Our top tips

This is how to train your betta fish and the best tricks you can teach them.
Two brown rabbits eating grass.

Bunny harness training in 6 easy steps

Rabbits like to roam free, but they can be harness trained.
A gray chinchilla eating a ball of seeds.

Can chinchillas be potty trained? What you need to know

If you follow the right steps, chinchillas can be litter trained.
Close-up of a blue and yellow macaw.

An easy guide to bird training for first-time owners

Keep these helpful tips in mind when training your bird.
A brown hamster chewing a treat.

Now is the time to potty train your hamster — here’s how

It's possible to potty train a hamster—here's how to do it.
bird biting training green parrot bite beak open

Bird biting too hard? Here’s how to change that behavior

Train your bird out of biting with these training tips
a beige rabbit in a harness and attached to a leash sits in a patch of green grass on a cloudy day

Tips for choosing the perfect rabbit harness and leash

What are the signs of a good rabbit harness? Here's what to look for
gray guinea pig sits between two purple dasies

6 smart tips for training your guinea pig

Can you train your guinea pig? With these tips, it should be a breeze
a yorkshire terrier eats a treat from a person's hand with a skateboard in the grass in the background

4 effective, positive ways to discipline a dog

Discipline isn't a dirty word - this is how you can train your pet well.
a long-haired gray cat rolls on the floor in play

Playing fetch with your cat? Sounds crazy, but here’s how

These tricks aren't just for dogs - this is how to train your cat to fetch
four goldfish facing different directions in a fish tank

Can you train a fish? Here’s what we know

Training a fish -- is it possible? Here's what we know.
dog barking outdoors

Dog won’t stop barking? These tips may help

These positive reinforcement tips will help your pooch stop barking - and save your eardrums
Hairless cat wearing a harness outside

If you really need to walk your cat, this is the best leash and harness set to buy

Want to walk your cat? These leashes and harnesses will make the task a little easier
Ferret sleeping on a blanket

Want to litter train your ferret? Here’s how

Ferrets are fun, but can you litter train them? It can take a lot of patience and a bit of luck. We show you how it's done.
Black and red dog close up.

How to get your dog to stop barking at the door

Your dog's constant barking can be a nuisance, but it's a behavior that can be corrected through training. Our guide shows you how it's done.
Rabbit eating out of a bowl

Can rabbits be harness and leash trained?

You already know how delightful your rabbit can be. We'll show you how to walk your bunny safely using a harness and leash.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy lying on the floor

Do dogs need outdoor ‘pee pads’?

Pee pads for dogs offer a wide variety of benefits, from potty training your puppy to protecting your floors. We list their assets.
Black and Tan puppy.

5 easy ways to puppy-proof your apartment

Nothing is cuter than a puppy, but your new pup can chew up everything. Our helpful guide shows how you can prevent this.
Yellow bird on finger of person

The best ways to train your bird

A talented bird is the result of a lot of patience and training. We go over some of the best ways to train your feathered friend.
train pets to not jump on furniture dog laying yellow couch

How to train your pets not to jump on furniture

Let’s take a closer look at how to train your pets not to jump on furniture.
cat treat for training

5 effective methods for disciplining and training cats

You can modify your cat’s behavior effectively with some disciplining and training methods.
puppy in grass looking up

A five-step plan for training your dog at home

Whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog, you’re in charge of teaching your furry companion what’s expected. Here's a five-step plan for training your dog.
orange and white cat laying on grass looking at camera with paws up

Is it easy to teach cats tricks?

From simply sitting to jumping through a hoop, cats can be trained to do lots of things with the right tools. Learn what it takes for successful cat training.
Pit bull lying on a carpet

Are pit bulls easy to train?

Pit bulls make great family pets. They are energetic, fun, and completely lovable. Training them isn’t as hard as you may think.