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Baby bird standing up

Wondering what to feed a baby bird? Here’s how to take care of an orphaned bird

It's best for a baby bird to stay with its family, but some may end up orphaned. We offer tips on how to feed a baby bird and who to contact for help.
Parrot bobbing his head

Why do birds bob their heads? These are the reasons parrots and other birds do it

Parrot tilts its head while standing next to a ball

Video: Parrots playing basketball is the best thing we’ve ever seen

Vet examines a falcon's wing

Found an injured bird? Here’s how to help a bird with a broken wing

Three beautiful budgies perch on a branch outside

Budgies 101: How to take care of America’s favorite pet bird

A baby chick sits in the grass next to a broken egg

3 reasons not to give pet rabbits, baby chicks, or ducks this Easter

Cockatiel sits on a natural perch inside their cage

How to make a parrot’s perch with a natural branch (it’s easy!)

Bird chirps into the sunset

Bird won’t stop chirping? How to keep your pet bird quiet

Ringneck bird sits outside in a tree

Funny birds video: Check out these parrots playing peekaboo

Bird rides a bike on a clothes line

Bird training classes are a thing – Here’s how to get your pet circus ready

Parrot perches on a branch looking quizzically at the camera

Video: Mommy parrot plays peekaboo with her babies

Parakeet picks at their feathers

Why do birds lose their feathers? Here’s when to worry

Statue covered in bird poop

This is how to remove bird poop stains from clothes (tips that really work)

Not sure how to remove bird poop that just won't come out. This is how you get rid of bird leavings from your clothes.
Two parrots tilt their heads to see better

Why do birds bob their heads? The answer is pretty complex

There's a scientific reason why birds bob their heads. Here's what you need to know about this funny and unique trait.
Hatchlings in a nest begs for food

Wondering what to feed baby birds? Here are 5 things you should never offer them

Feeding a baby bird isn't easy. If you're unsure what to feed a baby bird, avoid these these foods that aren't good for fledglings.
Bird sings from a perch in a pine tree

Why do birds sing in the morning? There are 2 clever reasons for it

There are two key reasons why birds sing in the morning and both go back to their evolution and status as prey animals.
cutest owls dancing video spotted eagle owl namibia broken wing

Video: 3 owls adorably try (and sort of succeed) at dancing

This video features three dancing owls — to varying degrees of success. (Regardless of their dancing skills, these are the cutest owls we've ever seen.)
Colorful bird perched on a hand

Got a scared bird? How to know when your bird is frightened and the best ways to calm it

Birds use body language to tell us what’s going on. It’s time to learn the signs of fright in a bird and what to do to calm them down.
Person holding wounded bird in hands

Follow these steps to effectively care for an injured bird

This is what you should do if you find an injured bird.
Parakeets preen each other on a perch

Do these 5 things to get rid of bird mites

Bird mites can be obnoxious. This is how to get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Man holds carrots and a rake in his garden

How to keep birds away from your house or yard if they’re driving you crazy

Here are tips for how to keep birds away from your house.
Scared parrot squawks

Certain colors may scare your bird – these are the ones to avoid

Can birds be startled by certain colors? Here's what we know.
Bird eggs sit in a nest in a tree

Found a bird egg? Here’s how to properly care for and hatch it

If you find a bird egg, here is how to care for it and hatch it.
Bird on full bird feeder

Does birdseed have an expiration date? How to tell if birdseed has gone bad

What exactly is in birdseed? The different types of birdseed and storage tips to keep it fresh and safe. We answer all of these questions and more
Bird takes flight off a branch in slow motion

Why do birds fly into windows? The truth is kind of sad

The reason why birds fly into windows will break your heart.
Cute duckling sits in the yard

Are ducks good pets? 8 things to consider when thinking of adopting these cute feathered friends

Ducks can make great pets, but there are important things to consider first. Find out if ducks are right for you.
Three chickens eat while outside in their backyard

Determined to raise backyard chickens? 6 essential things to do before you set up your coop

Before establishing an urban backyard chicken hutch, learn what is involved in chicken care.
House finch eats at nyger feeder

Try out these 6 different kinds of best bird feeders to attract your feathered friends

These are the best bird feeders to keep in your backyard and the types of colorful birds that they'll attract.
Sparrows eat rice out of a man's hand

Myth or fact: throwing uncooked rice will hurt birds (you might guess wrong)

You've heard to never offer or throw uncooked rice for birds. Is it a myth?
Two chicks sit in the grass

You caved and bought baby chicks. Now what?

If you caved and bought a live chick (or three), here's what you need to know now.
Woman kisses her parakeet sitting on her shoulder

6 ways to tell that your bird really loves you

Watch for these signs that your bird really loves you.
Lorikeet sits on a branch outside

How to retrieve your pet bird on the same day they escape the home

Here is advice on how to retrieve a bird who escapes your home.
Blue and gold parrot being petted by owner

How to get your parrot to love when you pet them

This is the correct way to pet a parrot without upsetting him.
Budgie looks into woman's sunglasses playfully

Try these tips to make the perfect toys for your bird at home

Here's how to make the perfect toys for birds that they will love.
Woman feeds her birds in a cage

You can use clicker training to teach your bird all sorts of fun tricks

You can teach your bird fun tricks using clicker training
Budgie sleeps with his head buried on a branch

3 easy ways to improve your parakeet’s sleeping habits

Try these tips to help your parakeet sleep better.
Two parrots sit affectionately with each other

How much does a bird cost, and what’s the most expensive bird?

Here is what you need to know about the cost of owning a pet bird.
Boy looks at pet bird coming out of cage

The ultimate first-time bird owner’s checklist

Here's what you should get as a first time bird owner for your new pet.
Robin sits on a tree eating a mealworm

How to properly feed mealworms to your bird and when you should feed them

Here's what you need to know about feeding mealworms to birds.
Bird splashes in outdoor bird bath

Does your bird really need a bath? Here’s how to clean your bird

Here are the steps to take to clean your bird and how to give her a bath.
Two budgies sit happily in their cage

Which birdcage should you get? Pet owners had 5 favorites in 2021

These are the best bird cages this year according to bird owners.
Birds flock around feeder in yard

Follow these 6 tips to stop birds from eating your grass seed

Keep birds from eating grass seed with these 6 tips.
monk parakeet sitting on shoulder

How do pet birds keep warm and survive the winter?

This is how birds keep warm and survive in the winter.
Wide shot of smiling young woman feeding bird out of hand in snowy field on winter afternoon

How to attract colorful birds to your yard in 5 easy steps

Here's how to attract birds to your yard quickly and easily.
Parrot cracks nut in his claw

8 toxic food for birds you probably have in your home

Here are 8 toxic foods for bird that you may have in your home.
African gray parrot standing on a ledge

What is a pet bird’s life expectancy? It’s longer than you might expect

Here is how old you can expect your pet bird to get.
Woman sits at laptop while her pet lovebird perches on it

5 fun lovebird facts to know before you get one

Lovebirds make great pets. Here's what you need to know.
Man hangs a yellow bird feeder on a tree

8 bird feeder cleaning tips that will make your life so much easier

This is how to clean your bird feeder effectively.
Hyacinth macaw flies across the grass

7 interesting facts about macaws to decide if they’re right for you

We bet you didn't know these fun facts about macaws.
Two birds eating at a birdfeeder

Everything you ever wanted to know about bird feeders

Read this handy guide before you set up that bird feeder.