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Brown shorthair cat in a yard eating a patch of grass

Why do cats eat grass? The mystery is solved

This is why cats eat grass and whether you should be concerned if it's bad for them.
Litter Robot 4

I said goodbye to litter scooping, and there’s no way I can go back

A brown and white border collie carrying a stuffed toy caterpillar in its mouth

Why do dogs like squeaky toys? The reasons are sweet and instinctual

Why do cats hate water? The reason may surprise you

Why do dogs eat dirt? There may be a huge health issue, experts say

7 incredible rare cat breeds you may never have heard of

Every pet owner should have this list of toxic foods that are harmful to dogs

How long do goldfish live? What to know about your new carnival prize

How often should you bathe your dog? You might be surprised

These are the best boy cat names we’ve ever heard

Cat sniffing eggs

Can cats eat eggs? It depends

Black dog looking at purple grapes

Can dogs have grapes? Read this before you feed this fruit to your pup

Close-up of Labrador dog looking out of a barrier fence

Why do dogs run away? Causes, prevention, and tips you need to know

Why do dogs run away? There are a few common causes, and luckily, a couple easy tips for keeping them safe and sound.
A woman lies in bed petting her cat

Why do cats like being pet? (and where you should pet them)

Cats remain a mystery but most of them pretty clearly enjoy attention from their humans. Here are four reasons cats love to be pet.
A puppy eating blueberries from a terra cotta bowl with strawberries next to them

Can dogs eat blueberries? What you should know about offering them as a treat

Can dogs eat blueberries? Here's everything you need to know about whether dogs can safely eat this pretty fruit.
A light-colored cat tail against a dark, carapeted floor

Decoding cat tail language: Why cats shake their tails

Cat tail language can clue you into your feline's physical and emotional well-being. What does a shaking cat tail mean, and should you be concerned?
A dog sits at the feet of two humans

Does your dog constantly sit on your feet? This is why

Why do dogs lay on your feet? We cover the four most common reasons plus why they might sleep at your feet, too.
A woman and cat lying on a bed

Why do cats like earwax? This curious habit explained

Why do cats like earwax? Good question. We foraged for reasons cats lick earwax and how to curb the curious habit.
A small black dog stands next to a whole watermelon on a sofa

Can dogs have watermelon? What to know before summer barbecues

This refreshing fruit is a summertime staple, but can you share it with your dog? Here's what you'll want to know before feeding your pup watermelon.
Gray and white cat eating catnip out of a plastic bottle

Do cats really get ‘high’ on catnip or are they just being goofy?

Is catnip safe and can your pet get addicted to this plant? Here's the truth about why cats are attracted to catnip.
A German shepherd lies in the grass

The most loyal dog breeds: These pups are faithful companions

There are so many loyal dogs out there, but these are the most loyal dog breeds you can find. One of these dogs may be your next BFF!
A long-haired cat rolls around on a brown carpet

8 reasons why your cat won’t stop rolling around

There are many cute and funny reasons why cats roll around, but there are also some reasons you would never consider. Take a look!
Someone in the background feeds a dog table scraps from the table

10 human foods that are safe for your dog to devour

Do you like sharing your dinner with your canine? Feel good about feeding your dog these 10 healthy human foods.
Tabby cat arching their back

Why cats arch their backs (it’s not always aggression)

It's normal to think that a cat's arched back means something negative, but in actuality, it has many different meanings.
A woman pets her dog in a field

How to remove tree sap from your dog’s fur and paws

Sap can get into your dog's paws and fur. Once it's there, you'll have a tough time getting rid of it. Here's how to get sap out of dog fur.
A cat stares into the camera

Can cats see in the dark? We separate fact from fiction

Can cats see in the dark? You might think, of course, but the answer's a little more complicated and has to do with how their eyes work.
Three tan and white puppies under a blanket

How to potty train a puppy in 4 easy steps

Worried about housebreaking your new dog? Potty training a puppy is easy if you follow this guide patiently and consistently.
Cat sitting inside of a cardboard box

Why do cats like boxes so much? It’s not just because they’re weird

Cats always seem to love boxes more than what's in them. Here's why.
Dog watching honey dripping

Can dogs have honey? What you need to know

This sticky treat is a staple in household kitchens, but is it safe to share honey with your furry friend? This is what you need to know.
A close-up of a peach and gray calico cat with amber eyes.

8 essential things you should be doing now to promote cat health

What should you be doing to promote cat health and prevent cat illnesses? We walk you through the most important things.
Dog scratching and kicking the ground after doing business

Why do dogs kick after they poop? This strange behavior explained

It could put a smile on anyone's face to see a dog scratching and kicking at the grass after doing their business. But what's behind this behavior?
Dog sits in a chair wearing sunglasses

These are the best boy dog names we’ve ever heard

What are the best boy dog names? We'll break down how to choose a good one and give you some ideas for top monikers.
An orange cat's butt behind a white garden fence

Do cats fart? 6 causes and when to call a vet

Even cats occasionally let one rip, but how can you know when something is wrong with your cat's digestive health? Here's what to know about cat farts.
A golden retriever smiling and showing his teeth

What does it mean when a dog’s teeth chatter? The answer is concerning

There are several causes of a dog's teeth chattering. Some are simple and easily remedied, such as extreme emotions, but others require a trip to the vet.
A white cat walks on a series of logs outside

Why do cats scream when mating? Here’s what to know

A mating encounter between cats can leave you feeling very different about feline parenthood. But it's all a normal part of the circle of life.
Russell terrier outside

7 small terrier breeds that make amazing pets

Thinking about small terrier breeds? Consider these smaller dogs with tons of love to give and character to show off.
A brown and white cat licking a person's hand

Why does your cat lick you? The reasons are actually sweet

Cats love to lick us even when the sensation isn't pleasant for our skin, but why? Here are the reasons your cat is licking you.
Coconut oil next to a coconut

Coconut oil for dogs: The pros and cons you need to know

What are the benefits of coconut oil for dogs? Are there even any? Here's what you'll want to know before giving your dog coconut oil (orally or topically).
A black and white cat's face

60 creative black and white cat names for your new pet

It can be stressful thinking of the right name for a cat. Luckily, we found these purr-fect black and white cat names to get the ball rolling.
A golden retriever wearing a scarf and holding a handkerchief in his mouth

Can you give a dog Benadryl? You’d better follow the correct dosage guide

Like us, dogs can get allergies and may require medicine to treat them. Here are guidelines for giving Benadryl to your dog.
A gray striped cat

Why you shouldn’t punish your cat for pooping outside the litter box

Wondering how to punish a cat for pooping outside the litter box? Your best bet is not to. Here's why and what to do instead.
Corgi with an avocado

Can dogs eat avocados? What to know before snack time

Can dogs eat avocados? While some kinds of human foods aren't bad for dogs, avocados pose health risks. Here's why you should avoid treating dogs with avocados.
Close-up of a Persian cat

These are the most expensive cat breeds in the world

Cats can be long-term friends. However, the most expensive cat breeds will require you to fork over a pretty penny first.
A golden retriever chases his tail on the beach

Why do dogs chase their tails? The answer is so simple it’s crazy

Why do dogs chase their tails? Here's the real answer and why you should whip out your phone every time it happens.
A white cat rubs their face on the corner of a wall

Why do cats rub their face on things? You might be surprised

Cats seem to love rubbing their faces on walls, objects, and even people! There are a few theories about why they do this.
A Boerboel dog sitting

Do you know these 11 mastiff breeds?

Mastiff breeds are all large and intimidating, but they're also fiercely loving and loyal. Maybe one of these giant dogs will be the right choice for you.
A white cats sits in front of flowers

7 interesting things about white cats that might surprise you

White cats look incredible but they have some extra health problems. Here's what you need to know before you bring one home.
JRT with broccoli outside

Can dogs eat broccoli? Here’s what to know about feeding this cruciferous vegetable to dogs

Many people have a love-hate relationship with broccoli, but a lot of dogs like the taste. Here's what to know before feeding it to your dog.
An orange and white cat meows in front of gray background

Why do cats chatter? Decoding your pet’s noises

Cat chattering is a sound that's sure to turn heads. It's such a unique noise, but not many people know the difference between feline chirping and chattering.
Dog lying on the leg of person with white sweatshirt

Why does your dog lie on you? It’s (usually) a good thing

Why does your dog lie on you? Probably because they love you, but there could be some other reasons. Here's what to know and when to be concerned.