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Cat in a covered litter box

Self-cleaning litter boxes: Are they really worth it?

Self-cleaning litter boxes might seem like a luxury, but could they be worth the price? Here's what to consider.
Weimaraner puppy with blue eyes sits and looks up

Looking for cute dog names? Try these incredible ideas

A dachshund plays with a coconut shell on the beach

Can dogs eat coconut? What you need to know

This is why your cat’s eyes glow in the dark

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass? You’ll want to be extra careful

What is mange in dogs?

Devon rex cats: Everything you need to know

What do turtles eat? Your complete guide

When do puppies open their eyes? What you need to know

We love these gorgeous black cat breeds

A woman in a dark yellow hat, a Pomeranian and a vet

Diabetes in dogs: The risk factors and symptoms all pet parents need to know

A pug wrapped in a blanket sitting on a bed

5 reasons your dog won’t stop shaking

A dog chewing on a bone while sitting outdoors

Why do dogs like bones? This ancient instinct, explained

Every dog is one-in-a-million pet, but many dogs have this in common: They love to chew on bones! Here's what's behind this iconic behavior.
A cat munches on a piece of cheese

Can cats eat cheese? What you need to know before snack time

People may love cheese, but is it good for your cat? We offer the facts plus what alternatives might work to deliver medication.
A woman with red hair sleeping with a dog and clothes on

A new study about sleeping with pets in your bed has some surprising results

Sleeping with pets, especially dogs, is popular and thought to have benefits. However, a new study shows sleeping with cats may be less of an issue.
Gray cat biting a person's hand

Is it a big deal if your cat bites you? When you should be freaking out

Here's when to worry if you get a cat bite from your feline friend.
A West Highland white terrier sits outside in the sun

These are 12 of the cutest dog breeds ever

There may not be a single definitive answer to this question, but we'll explore the question, "What are the cutest dog breeds?"
Dog licking human sitting on couch

Why does my dog lick me so much? There are actually several reasons

Why does my dog lick me so much? While licking is often linked to slobbery kisses, your dog may have another reason for this behavior.
Burmese cat

A complete guide to the friendly, elegant Burmese cat

Burmese cats are charming and handsome. However, is a Burmese cat right for your family? Here's what to know about the breed.
Dog leaning on human in blue sweater

Does your dog like to lean on you? Here’s why

Why does my dog lean on me? Generally, you can take this behavior as a compliment, but sometimes, a dog leans on you for some concerning reasons.
A close-up shot of a Shiba Inu sitting on a sofa.

How to get your dog to stop hiccuping

More often than not, your dog's hiccups will resolve within a few hours. Here's what you'll want to know about canine hiccups.
A cat licking lips after eating from white bowl

This is why your cat throws up after eating (and when it’s a problem)

If your cat throws up after eating, call the vet. The trigger may be treatable, giving your cat a better quality of life.
Small dog howls at the sky while outside in the dirt

Why do dogs howl at sirens? This exhausting behavior, explained

Why do dogs howl at sirens? The instinct might lie deep within their DNA, but you can still help them learn to stay quiet when a fire truck goes by.
Sokoke cat on a gray background

Why do cats have whiskers? The answer is more in-depth than you think

There's a scientific reason why cats have whiskers on their faces and other places — they help them blink, navigate, and emote.
A brown puppy scratching behind the ear

Do mosquitoes bite dogs? How to protect your pet this summer

These annoying pests can cause a lot more than itchiness and discomfort, but how much should you worry about your dog's mosquito exposure?
A small dog lies on a green welcome mat with someone's feet nearby

6 ways to soothe your dog’s separation anxiety for good

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, there are ways you can help. Here are some tips you can use to cure your dog of this behavior.
Maine Coon cat lying on bed

7 big cat breeds that make great pets

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, including a few large breeds. If you want a different kind of kitty, check out one of these big cats breeds.
Vet weighing a dog on a scale

8 effective ways to help your obese dog lose weight

It’s essential to control your dog's weight, so you can save them from health conditions. Here's how you can help them trim down.
An orange cat with green eyes looks up

7 cool things you might not know about orange cats

There's a lot to love about a cat, regardless of their fur color, but you'll have a greater appreciation for orange cats after learning these fun facts.
Golden retriever puppies in green field

Looking for an easygoing pet? Consider these 6 calm dog breeds

Looking for a laid-back dog? These six calm dog breeds are a great place to start your search for your new best friend.
Brown shorthair cat in a yard eating a patch of grass

Why do cats eat grass? The mystery is solved

This is why cats eat grass and whether you should be concerned if it's bad for them.
Litter Robot 4

I said goodbye to litter scooping, and there’s no way I can go back

The Litter-Robot 4 takes the tedium (and stench) out of dealing with cat litter with a brilliant, set-it-and-forget it design.
A brown and white border collie carrying a stuffed toy caterpillar in its mouth

Why do dogs like squeaky toys? The reasons are sweet and instinctual

Whether your dog loves to chase toys or simply rip them into shreds, there's no denying how popular squeaky toys are.
Cat sniffing eggs

Can cats eat eggs? It depends

Cats love meat but can they eat eggs? As long as you're only offering them in moderation, you can give your pet a cooked egg.
Black dog looking at purple grapes

Can dogs have grapes? Read this before you feed this fruit to your pup

Can dogs have grapes? Some human foods are toxic to pets — even if they're healthy for people. Here's what to know about grapes and dogs.
A green-eyed tabby cat gets a bath in a tub.

Why do cats hate water? The reason may surprise you

Most cats hate water — but the reasons why might surprise you. When preparing to bathe your cat, you'll need to get him used to water first.
Dog eating dirt

Why do dogs eat dirt? There may be a huge health issue, experts say

If your dog eats dirt, there might be something serious going on. We'll help you figure out why your pup engages in this strange behavior.
A Chartreux cat with orange eyes

7 incredible rare cat breeds you may never have heard of

These cats are as cute as can be, but you may have never seem them before. Check out these unique cat breeds.
A black and white dog licks pink ice cream from a cone.

Every pet owner should have this list of toxic foods that are harmful to dogs

There are numerous human foods that are toxic to dogs you should know about. Here's a list of foods to not give them.
Goldfish swimming past snails

How long do goldfish live? What to know about your new carnival prize

Don't believe the myth that goldfish should only like for a couple of years. With proper care, you could have your pet for a decade or more.
Small dog on a purple leash in a bath

How often should you bathe your dog? You might be surprised

How often should you bathe your dog? The answer may surprise you and gross you out. Here's why dogs can go weeks to months between sudsy sessions.
Orange cat on a chair

These are the best boy cat names we’ve ever heard

Expecting a boy (cat)? These boy cat names will serve as the only inspiration you need to pick a moniker that'll be your cat's meow.
Close-up of Labrador dog looking out of a barrier fence

Why do dogs run away? Causes, prevention, and tips you need to know

Why do dogs run away? There are a few common causes, and luckily, a couple easy tips for keeping them safe and sound.
A woman lies in bed petting her cat

Why do cats like being pet? (and where you should pet them)

Cats remain a mystery but most of them pretty clearly enjoy attention from their humans. Here are four reasons cats love to be pet.
A puppy eating blueberries from a terra cotta bowl with strawberries next to them

Can dogs eat blueberries? What you should know about offering them as a treat

Can dogs eat blueberries? Here's everything you need to know about whether dogs can safely eat this pretty fruit.
A light-colored cat tail against a dark, carapeted floor

Decoding cat tail language: Why cats shake their tails

Cat tail language can clue you into your feline's physical and emotional well-being. What does a shaking cat tail mean, and should you be concerned?
A dog sits at the feet of two humans

Does your dog constantly sit on your feet? This is why

Why do dogs lay on your feet? We cover the four most common reasons plus why they might sleep at your feet, too.
A woman and cat lying on a bed

Why do cats like earwax? This curious habit explained

Why do cats like earwax? Good question. We foraged for reasons cats lick earwax and how to curb the curious habit.
A small black dog stands next to a whole watermelon on a sofa

Can dogs have watermelon? What to know before summer barbecues

This refreshing fruit is a summertime staple, but can you share it with your dog? Here's what you'll want to know before feeding your pup watermelon.
Gray and white cat eating catnip out of a plastic bottle

Do cats really get ‘high’ on catnip or are they just being goofy?

Is catnip safe and can your pet get addicted to this plant? Here's the truth about why cats are attracted to catnip.