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Cat Behavior

A white Domestic Shorthair cat meows

Why does my cat meow at night? The answer may shock you

If you wonder, "Why does my cat meow at night?" you're not alone. Many cats meow at night for different reasons — most of which aren't cause for concern.
Cat squeezes her eyes shut

Can cats cry? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

Cat stands with a blue toy in her mouth

Cat zoomies: Why they do it, and what it means

Cat sitting in a cat bed looking out a window

How long can you leave a cat alone? Not as long as you think

Cat licks his paw on the bed

Why do cats lick each other? It’s not always a bathing ritual

Close up of a cat sticking out her tongue

Cat panting: 5 reasons behind this behavior and what you should do about it

a ffuffy cat in a cardboard box

Why do cats spray? This obnoxious behavior, explained

Two kittens on wooden shelves

8 essential tips for disciplining cats

an orange and white cat lounging on wood plank

Why do cats throw up? (Plus, the one thing you should always do)

A one-eyed cat sleeps with the other open

Cats sleep with their eyes open — it’s creepy, but here’s why they do it

Kitten sleeping in a bed with purple cover

How long do kittens sleep? How to encourage yours to sleep through the night

Cat near its litter box

Is there blood in your cat’s stool? Don’t panic — here’s what it means and what to do

Striped orange cat meowing

Why do cats meow excessively? 6 possible causes – and solutions that can help you both

Talkative cats are cute, but excessive meowing can be annoying. Here are some possible causes and solutions that can help both of you.
Cat with empty bowl looking up

Loss of weight in cats can be a symptom of many things – Here’s what you need to know and when to call the vet

Loss of weight in cats is a serious issue. Here's why you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
A close-up of a gray cat hissing

Why do cats hiss? There are actually several reasons for this behavior

Why do cats hiss? This question is an important one to ask, so you can do what you can to avoid making a cat hiss (and help others do the same).
A cat and Yorkie playing

Why do cats hate dogs? The answer isn’t all that simple

Why do cats hate dogs? Do cats actually hate dogs? Good questions. We dug up some answers for you and how to help the two play nice.
A black and white cat's lower body as they lie on hardwood floor

Why do cats wag their tails? The interesting facts behind it

Everyone knows what a wagging tail means on a dog, but why do cats wag their tails? The real answer may surprise you.
Cat nibbles her person's hand gently

Why do cats bite? Here are the 6 main reasons

Sometimes cats bite out of nowhere, but it's not actually for no reason. We'll walk through six potential causes for sudden snapping.
A cat lies on her back kneading

Why do cats make biscuits? Here’s why your cat kneads

There's a bit more to cats making biscuits than meets the eye. Here are the five main reasons why your pet might knead you or their surroundings.
An orange tabby cat sleeps with their eyes closed

Why do cats sleep so much? Are all those snooze sessions something to worry about?

Whether your furry friend sleeps the day away or is often awake between cat naps, it can be difficult to know if their sleep schedule is normal.
A black cat with a dusting of snow on her coat stands outside

Do cats get cold outside? Veterinarians explain what temperature is too low for outdoor kitties

Is it too cold outside for your cat? Find out what temps he can take and if you are harming your cat by leaving him outside.
Gray cat curled up under a fluffy blanket

6 common reasons your cat sleeps under the covers and how to prevent it

Sometimes, cats just love sleeping under the covers. Here are some common reasons why and what you can do about it.
A black and white cat in a Christmas tree

Here’s what to do if your cat’s chewing the Christmas tree lights

Is your cat chewing the Christmas tree lights? This is what you should do to stop your cat from getting her claws in the decorations this year.
Shorthair kitten sitting in a litter box

Why is your cat lying in the litter box?

Your cat may have reasons for lying in the litter box, but that doesn't make it OK. Here's what to do when you find your cat sitting in the litter box.
A cat sits beneath a Christmas tree on top of a present

Video: This is everything that can go wrong with your cat and your Christmas tree

Cats can't help it: They have to climb the Christmas tree. While it looks funny in this video, you need to protect your pets this holiday.
Gray cat biting a person's hand

Is your cat biting when you pet them? This is what they’re trying to tell you

Is your cat biting you when you're petting them? Yes, your feline friend is trying to tell you something. Follow these steps to figure out the cause.
Side view of a cat sticking out its tongue

Why do cats stick out their tongues? Here are several surprising (and mostly harmless) reasons

There are a few potential causes behind cats sticking out their tongues and for your cat's funny-looking, tongue-half-out appearance.
A cat stares at the running sink carefully

Funny cat behavior: This confused kitty’s reaction to a running bath is hilarious

It's a well known fact that cats hate water, but where does this come from? Watch one cat's fascination with the tub and find out why cats hate wet.
A black cat with a dusting of snow on her coat stands outside

Is it safe for cats to be outside in winter? The answer may surprise you

Know the following information before allowing your cat outdoors in the winter.
Cat with blue eyes staring into the distance

Can cats have autism? Here’s what to know about unusual behavior in cats

While cats can't have autism, there are some special-needs cats. We help you learn some important things about feline behavior.
Cat sitting in a lap

Lap time, nap time: Why your lap cat chooses to sit on you

There are many reasons a cat enjoys climbing into your lap to sit or lie down. Here they are, and yes, your cat does like you.
Cat curled up in a ball while sleeping in grass

Video: We’ve seen some weird cat sleeping spots, but this feline’s is the strangest

Cats love to sleep in weird positions. Check out one of the strangest we've seen and learn more about why they choose weird spots to nap in.
Striped cat sitting on a bed in the bedroom

Why is my cat peeing on my bed? The real truth (and how to stop this gross habit)

Your cat peeing on your bed is one of the most irritating things possible. We discuss your cat’s peeing problem, the causes, and the solutions.
Gray cat lying on a white comforter at the foot of a bed

Does your cat sleep with you? You should be thrilled

If your independent cat sleeps with you, you're doing something right. Here are the reasons why he might choose to cuddle up by your side at night.
Three tabby kittens snuggling in a gray cat bed.

How much should a kitten weigh? Here’s what the experts have to say about the kitten weight chart

Here are expert guidelines on how much a kitten should weigh and what you can do to help her get to the right size.
Cat eating from their food bowl

If your cat is overeating, here’s what you need to know about their health

Is your cat food-motivated, bored, or actually hungry? Here's what you need to know about your cat's overeating habits and how it affects their health.
Close-up of a black cat face

Why suspicion around black cats rises around Halloween

Suspicion around black cats rises during the Halloween season, and there are a few reasons why that go back thousands of years.
Two white kittens looking curious

Why does my cat stare at me for no reason? Good question – we dug up some answers for you

Why does my cat stare at me? There's usually a reason — or perhaps a few. Here's what to know and when to be concerned.
Calico cat rubbing against a woman's cheek

Does your cat bump heads with you? This is what your pet is really trying to tell you

Ever wonder why your cat insists on headbutting with you? Learn why.
a gray cat with green eyes on a black background

Why is my cat aggressive all of a sudden? We have answers

Your cat probably isn't attacking you for no reason — there's something behind it. Find out why they may become aggressive all of a sudden.
A cat sits on the table looking mad

Forget the litter box: This cat was trained to use the toilet

Cats might seem to love their litter boxes, but plenty can learn how to use the toilet. Watch this video to discover how to potty train a cat.
Cat lying on its side with soft, sleepy eyes

How you can communicate with your cat by blinking slowly

Why do cats blink slowly? There's a good reason why — and a good reason why you should blink at them.
Orange and white cat grooming his paw

Why do cats bite and chew on their nails? What to do if it happens

A little paw nibbling is pretty standard for a cat, but it can be a sign of something wrong. Here's why cats bite and chew their nails.
cat sleeping

Why do cats twitch in their sleep? The real reasons behind this curious behavior

Cats are well known for twitching in their sleep. Here's what this peculiar behavior means, why it's important, and when to be concerned.
Two girls play with a cat

This video of cats playing volleyball together is adorable until it all goes wrong

Cats can learn to play with balls if you're patient with them. But this video shows that not all kitties are cut out for the big leagues.
Orange and white cat looking up and chirping

Wondering why cats chirp? Fascinating reasons why your cat chirps at birds (and you)

Why do cats? As with many cat behaviors, we're still trying to understand precisely why cats chirp. Learn the fascinating reasons behind this curious behavior.
Cat hiding in engine compartment of car.

How to help cats inside car engines … before it’s too late

Have you heard of cats climbing into parked car engines then hitching a ride? This does happen. Here's how to prevent it.
Cat sitting on a sunny balcony railing

How to cat-proof your balcony before the unthinkable happens

Learn how to cat-proof your balcony before injury or worse occurs.
Closeup of a Maine Coon's face

How to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix (and why you should care)

Maine Coon Cats are beautiful and beloved creatures. Look for these characteristics to determine if you have a Maine Coon mix on your hands.
Calico cat lying on its back in a grassy yard

There’s a totally normal reason cats throw up after eating grass – here’s why

This is why your cat throws up after eating grass.