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A woman snuggles with her dog in bed

Why you should let your dog sleep in your bed every single night

Here's why you should allow your dog to sleep in your bed every night.
A Pit Bull puppy holding a large pipe in their mouth

How to take care of your pit bull puppy

A woman wearing a sleep mask over her eyes snuggles a Pug with his tongue out in bed

Why do dogs sleep under the covers? It all comes down to nature

A yellow Labrador retriever puppy lies in a crate

Wondering how to start crate training your 8-week-old puppy? Here’s what you need to know

A beige Akita puppy stands on their back legs inside a pink wire playpen

Is a puppy playpen better than a crate? Here’s what to consider before you buy one for your dog

Irish setter lying in the snow

How to keep a dog house warm in the winter: A guide to simple enhancements

A yellow Labrador retriever puppy lying on a red bed inside a wire crate.

Is crate training necessary? There are pros and cons on both sides

Big dog lying on bed

5 surefire ways to keep your dog off your bed and get a good night’s sleep

A brown puppy lies in their crate on a blanket with their head resting on their crossed paws

How to stop a dog from peeing in their crate for good in 5 easy-to-follow steps

A man clips a leash on a beagle's collar.

Taking your dog’s collar off at night: Safe move or safety risk?

Kitten in a crate

What you need to know about crating a cat at night

Puppies in playpen

Dog playpens are a great idea for puppies and older pets alike – here are the ones we recommend

Pembroke welsh corgi lies on their back on their bed in a black crate

These are the dog crate training pros and cons you need to know: Size, process, and more

There's a lot to consider when crate training your dog. Let's review some of the most popular pros and cons to crate training a dog.
pitbull in crate

How to crate train an older dog (yes, it’s possible)

Crate training an older dog can sometimes be necessary. Follow these steps to crate train an older dog successfully.
A Shepherd dog sits in a kennel at an animal shelter

Considering dog boarding for your next vacation? Read this first

Before you consider boarding your dog, learn what to look for in a dog kennel.
dog proof fencing ideas

Have a canine Houdini? Try these simple ways to dog-proof your fence and yard

5 dog-proof fencing ideas that will keep canine escape artists safe.
A German Shepherd sits inside a metal enclosure.

Is it cruel to crate-train a German shepherd?

Can you crate train a German Shepherd? Learn when to start the process.
a side view of a pug with its tongue out, standing in a wooden dog house

These 4 heaters are best for keeping a doghouse warm

If your pooch gets cold, try these dog house heaters
a brown puppy sleeps in a crate

6 best tips for crate-training a puppy at night

Crate training a puppy is easy with these simple strategies.
shiba inu lying in grass

Why you should consider crate-training your Shiba Inu

Crate training is a good idea for shiba inus. Here's why.
golden retriever in dog house with snow

Now is the time to think about winterizing your dog house

This is how to make sure your doghouse is ready for winter.
a Schnauzer sits in his crate decorated to look like a television

5 amazing DIY dog crate ideas you can build this weekend

Making a dog crate has never been easier than with these great ideas.
rottweiler and girl with ponytail

How to choose the right dog bed for your Rottweiler

Rottweilers will love their dog beds if you follow these directions.
smiling boxer in green grass

5 reasons why boxers are not suited to outdoor living

You shouldn't keep your boxer outside for too long. Here's why.
French bulldog in bed

5 amazing ideas for a cute DIY dog bed you can make today

These DIY dog bed ideas will be an adorable addition to your home.
a St. Bernard crosses her paws and poses while sitting on the carpet

How to choose a dog crate that’s the right size for your St. Bernard

If you're looking for a dog crate for your St. Bernard, here's how to find the right one.
A harlequin Great Dane sleeps on their bed on a wooden floor

Good, better, best: Dog beds big enough for your Great Dane

If you have trouble finding a dog bed large enough for a Great Dane, check out these great beds.
best bunk beds furlow light walnut wood dog house

3 great bunk beds for cats and small dogs that save you space

Do you have multiple pets? These are the best bunk beds for your pets.
a white border collie with a black spot on the left side of their face stands in a green yard

How to choose the right doghouse for your border collie

If you're looking for a doghouse for your border collie, this is how to find the right one.
board dog trip advice golden retriever car trunk vacation

Why you should consider boarding your dog when you travel

There are a lot of factors that go into whether you should board your dog or take them on your trip.
doghouse size dimensions dog house white fence wood

Here’s how to tell the right size doghouse for your pet

Is your doghouse the right size for your pet? Here's what you need to know.
A corgi sits on a pink blanket inside of a crate

Good, better, best: Dog crates that are also great side tables

With these end table styles, your dog crate will fit right in with the decor.
a golden retriever puppy sits behind the wires of an outdoor dog kennel

Good, better, best: Dog kennels your pooch will love

Dogs will have all the space they need with these outdoor kennels.
a brown and white dog stands in front of his crate

3 escape-proof dog crates under $500 for your furry little Houdini

These dog crates can keep your fur baby from escaping.
cool dog house ideas english bulldog mosaic tile red wall

10 cool doghouse ideas to give your pup a unique space

The right dog house can match your dog's personality.
a black and white cocker spaniel sits in front of a gray and black dog house

Good, better, best: Doghouses worth spending some of your stimulus check on

These doghouses are great options for your pets and well worth the money.
a corgi puppy naps in a crate in a pile of blankets and plushies

4 fantastic dog crate decorating ideas to consider

Dog crates don't have to look sterile—here's how to make them homey.
A cute puppy in a tea cup

Should you get your puppy a big bed or one that fits them?

What size bed should you buy for your brand new puppy?
Dog in sweater in his dog house

Why you should build your dog a heated home for winter

What is the best way to heat a doghouse? Here's what you need to know
A good dog taking a nap cuddling with a toy

These 6 dog beds are really affordable — and have excellent ratings

Dog owners love these affordable dog beds—and so do their pets
A cute dog hanging out on a bed

Luxury dog beds: Are they worth the price?

Does your dog really need a luxury dog bed? Here's what you should consider.
A cute little dog on a big bed

How to choose a dog bed for your pooch

Here's how you can find the right bed for your good boy
Cute dog in a dog bed with a stuffed animal buddy

The best luxury dog beds you can buy

Your dog will live like royalty in these luxury dog beds
two german shepherds sitting in the grass

German Shepherds grow fast – here are the best crates

Your German shepherd needs a crate that's comfortable - pick the right size with this guide
Siberian husky pup in grass

Fresh Patch vs. DoggieLawn: The best potty grass for your pooch

Choose the best potty grass for your dog with this great guide for every pup
Corgi in metal crate looking up

Is it cruel to crate your dog and how long should you do it?

Crating a dog seems cruel to some, but is it? We discuss the pros and cons, and how long you should leave your dog in a crate.
beagle puppy taking a bath

What you need to know about puppy proofing your apartment

Puppies get into – well, everything. Here's how to puppy-proof your apartment the right way.
dog leaning head on car window

Kennel training: How to set your dog up for comfort

Kennel training can be great for dogs. Here's how to do it in a positive, responsible way.
Black and white puppy outside a dog house.

Unique dog house designs every pooch will love

Dog houses don't have to be basic anymore. Our guide shows you how to keep your dog comfortable in their stylish home in any season.
Dog in a metal crate with blankets

Dog crate decorating: What you should (and shouldn’t) do

Your dog's crate should be a secure and comfortable place. Here's what you need to know about decorating it and making it safe