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Pets 101

Small dog on a purple leash in a bath

How often should you bathe your dog? You might be surprised

How often should you bathe your dog? The answer may surprise you and gross you out. Here's why dogs can go weeks to months between sudsy sessions.
Orange cat on a chair

These are the best boy cat names we’ve ever heard

A dog sits at the feet of two humans

Does your dog constantly sit on your feet? This is why

A German shepherd lies in the grass

The most loyal dog breeds: These pups are faithful companions

Dog sits in a chair wearing sunglasses

These are the best boy dog names we’ve ever heard

Russell terrier outside

7 small terrier breeds that make amazing pets

A black and white cat's face

60 creative black and white cat names for your new pet

Close-up of a Persian cat

These are the most expensive cat breeds in the world

A golden retriever chases his tail on the beach

Why do dogs chase their tails? The answer is so simple it’s crazy

A Boerboel dog sitting

Do you know these 11 mastiff breeds?

A white cats sits in front of flowers

7 interesting things about white cats that might surprise you

Dog lying on the leg of person with white sweatshirt

Why does your dog lie on you? It’s (usually) a good thing

Dog howls while standing near a flock of sheep in a pasture

This is why your dog always wakes you up howling in the night

Why is my dog howling at night? While their wolfy ancestors likely did so to assemble the pack, your pet has a few different reasons for vocalizing.
Don sphynx portrait at home in the cat house

How much do hairless cats actually cost?

Hairless cats make great pets, but they can cost extra. Find out what you should expect to pay to bring home an unfurry feline.
A Yorkie wears a jacket on the street with his owner

The most adorable toy dog breeds (that also make great pets)

These six toy breeds are adorable and will serve as the perfect pet for any family or household looking for a small dog.
A golden retriever digging a hole in a yard

Why do dogs bury bones? The answer is quite interesting

Why do dogs bury things. The answer may lie in their ancestral instincts. This is why your dog loves burying bones (and other items).
Purebred Chihuahua puppy and a Great Dane sniffing each other

These are the longest-living dog breeds

What are the longest-living dog breeds? We'll walk you through the ones to know and how to extend any pup's lifespan.
A French bulldog in front of car

5 reasons you really need to get a dog car seat

A dog car seat can keep your precious pet and any human passengers safe. However, a dog car seat may not be your only option for vehicle safety.
A woman outside sits with a pack of dogs

How many dog breeds are there, really?

How many dog breeds are there? It depends on who you ask, but it's definitely a big number and includes all the different purebred canines.
A yellow Lab puppy wearing a blue collar looks up

50 amazing boy dog names to consider for your new puppy

Whether your aesthetic is more classic and traditional or more unique and inspired by nature, there's a perfect boy dog name out there for your new puppy.
Two Pekingese dogs sit in the grass

These fluffy dog breeds make the best cuddlers

These dog breeds are fluffy like real-life teddy bears, but their personalities differ from breed to breed. Are any of these dogs right for you?
Golden retriever puppies

What is littermate syndrome? Why this puppy bond can be a problem

Littermate syndrome can be stressful for dogs and the people who love them. Here's what littermate syndrome is and what to do.
An English springer spaniel's side profile standing next to tall grass

The best medium-sized dog breeds for your family

Whether you're looking for a high-energy playmate or a lazy couch potato, there's a medium-sized dog who fits the bill. These are some of your options.
Veterinarian examining cat while little boy watches

How to find the right veterinarian for your pet

Finding the pet doctor takes time and patience. Here's what you need to consider before choosing a veterinarian.
A brown puppy looks up, with sunlight shining on their whiskers

Why do dogs have whiskers? These small features play a huge role

Some dogs' whiskers are much more noticeable than others, but they all serve an important purpose. This is why dogs have whiskers.
A brown Vizsla dog's portrait in front of a black background

Why do dogs hump everything? You might be surprised

Whether your dog has always had a problem with humping or they've recently picked it up, it's only natural to have questions. Here's what you'll want to know.
Dog perks his ears up in anticipation

Dog body language decoded: This is why dogs pull their ears back

Dogs use their ears to communicate all sorts of things, but pinning them back usually falls into one a few categories of feelings.
Dog stands on a pedestal

This is why dogs have tails, according to science

Animals evolved tails millions of years ago, but dogs have developed even more uses for these appendages, like communication.
A German shepherd in the backyard

Why do German shepherds have such a short lifespan?

Here's why German shepherds don't live as long as other dogs and a few tips you can follow to keep your pet healthy into old age.
A Belgian Malinois leaps through a meadow of dandelions

Is a Belgian Malinois a good family dog? Everything you need to know about this amazing dog breed

From basic breed characteristics to similar breed comparisons, here's everything you'll want to know about Belgian Malinois dogs.
Kitten sitting on a tree stump in front of a tree

How long do cats live? The answer may actually depend on their human parent

How long do cats live? The answer to this question depends on multiple factors, including care from you, their human. Here's what to know.
Bengal cat peering around a row of potted plants

Family member allergic to cats? Where to find hypoallergenic cats for adoption

Need a hypoallergenic cat in your household? Adopt one! Here's how you can get a fur baby without sneezing through the day.
A black pug and a tabby cat sit on a table

Why do dogs hate cats? The truth behind this age-old grudge

Many dogs chase cats — or even avoid them — but not many pet parents know why these common pet species act so hot and cold toward one another.
Blue betta fish staring at the camera

What fish can live with bettas? These are your best bets for fish buddies

Bettas have a reputation for their feisty behavior, but they are misunderstood. What fish can live with them? They are friendly with these species.
A Bracco Italiano runs on the beach

Meet the 5 newest dog breeds and what makes them so special

The American Kennel Club has recognized several new dog breeds in the last few years, but not many people know about these elusive newcomers.
A tabby cat looks up eith blue eyes

Why do cats have 9 lives? The origins of the saying

Nearly everyone has heard that cats have 9 lives, but few people know where the saying actually comes from. Fortunately, we solved the mystery.
A close-up shot of a black Lab wearing a red collar

Why black Labrador retrievers are the perfect family dogs

Is a black Labrador retriever the perfect dog for you? It just might be. Find out if this sweet breed will fit into your family.
Two people holding a tiny gray and white kitten whose eyes haven't opened yet

When do kittens open their eyes? This is what happens if they do it too early

When do kittens open their eyes? Here's when you can expect your kitten to show off her baby blues and what to do if it's too early.
A woman snuggles with her dog in bed

Why you should let your dog sleep in your bed every single night

Here's why you should allow your dog to sleep in your bed every night.
A man's hand pets the head of a shepherd dog

The best ways to pet your dog to show them how much you care

There's a certain way to pet your dog to show you love them. Follow these tips for what to do and what not to do when giving your dog affection.
A large dog lying down

Why do dogs turn in circles before lying down? The answer goes back centuries

Why do dogs turn in circles? There's an ancient reason why dogs turn in circles before they lie down.
german shepherd in grass

The smartest dog breeds: Yours might not be as intelligent as you think

These are the smartest dog breeds for people who want trainable dogs.
Siberian husky winking

Why do dogs wink? The truth behind this strange habit

There are several reasons why dogs wink and some of which are even intentional. As cute as this behavior may be, it's important to know what's behind it.
Akita with brown fur standing outside

These are the 8 most loyal large dog breeds that make loving companions

Looking for a true-blue forever friend? These are the most loyal large dog breeds if you want a friend for life.
Puppy sleeping on lap of human with mustard yellow sweater

Do puppies sleep a lot? These are the perfectly normal sleeping habits of a healthy pup

Do puppies sleep a lot? Sleep is an essential element of human and canine development. Make sure you and your dog are well rested.
An Akita sitting on the bed

Best guard dogs: These 7 breeds will protect you with their life

Some dogs will do anything for us, even put their lives on the line to save ours. These seven protective dog breeds make the best guard dogs.
a dark german shorthaired pointer adult in the park in the fall

5 interesting things you might not know about the German shorthaired pointer dog breed

This fun, friendly dog breed was bred to hunt. These days, a German shorthaired pointer dog makes for a fantastic family pet. Here's why.
Multicolored rabbit on carpet

This is how long you can expect your new pet rabbit to live

A pet rabbit’s life expectancy depends on a variety of factors. We explore how long a pet rabbit lives and how to extend their years.
A cat and Yorkie playing

Why do cats hate dogs? The answer isn’t all that simple

Why do cats hate dogs? Do cats actually hate dogs? Good questions. We dug up some answers for you and how to help the two play nice.
A German shepherd sits on the grass in front of a house

5 things you might not know about the German shepherd

German shepherds are a popular dog breed, but not many people know these specific fun facts. The breed's history is more eventful than you think.