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Cat sniffing eggs

Can cats eat eggs? It depends

Cats love meat but can they eat eggs? As long as you're only offering them in moderation, you can give your pet a cooked egg.
Black dog looking at purple grapes

Can dogs have grapes? Read this before you feed this fruit to your pup

Dog eating dirt

Why do dogs eat dirt? There may be a huge health issue, experts say

A black and white dog licks pink ice cream from a cone.

Every pet owner should have this list of toxic foods that are harmful to dogs

Small dog on a purple leash in a bath

How often should you bathe your dog? You might be surprised

A woman pets her dog in a field

How to remove tree sap from your dog’s fur and paws

A cat stares into the camera

Can cats see in the dark? We separate fact from fiction

Dog watching honey dripping

Can dogs have honey? What you need to know

A close-up of a peach and gray calico cat with amber eyes.

8 essential things you should be doing now to promote cat health

Dog scratching and kicking the ground after doing business

Why do dogs kick after they poop? This strange behavior explained

An orange cat's butt behind a white garden fence

Do cats fart? 6 causes and when to call a vet

A golden retriever smiling and showing his teeth

What does it mean when a dog’s teeth chatter? The answer is concerning

Coconut oil next to a coconut

Coconut oil for dogs: The pros and cons you need to know

What are the benefits of coconut oil for dogs? Are there even any? Here's what you'll want to know before giving your dog coconut oil (orally or topically).
A golden retriever wearing a scarf and holding a handkerchief in his mouth

Can you give a dog Benadryl? You’d better follow the correct dosage guide

Like us, dogs can get allergies and may require medicine to treat them. Here are guidelines for giving Benadryl to your dog.
A gray striped cat

Why you shouldn’t punish your cat for pooping outside the litter box

Wondering how to punish a cat for pooping outside the litter box? Your best bet is not to. Here's why and what to do instead.
Corgi with an avocado

Can dogs eat avocados? What to know before snack time

Can dogs eat avocados? While some kinds of human foods aren't bad for dogs, avocados pose health risks. Here's why you should avoid treating dogs with avocados.
JRT with broccoli outside

Can dogs eat broccoli? Here’s what to know about feeding this cruciferous vegetable to dogs

Many people have a love-hate relationship with broccoli, but a lot of dogs like the taste. Here's what to know before feeding it to your dog.
A woman treating a small puppy outside

Can dogs eat cashews? Only if you follow these rules

Can dogs eat cashews? How should you serve cashews to dogs? Good questions. We'll dig into the truth about dogs and cashews.
A dog scratches themself

Ringworm in dogs: Signs, symptoms, and treatment you should know

Ringworm sounds scary, but dog owners can take a deep breath knowing that it's both treatable and preventable. Here's what you'll want to know.
Senior cat sleeping on a cat tree perch

These useful tips can help you support your senior cat’s health

Older cats require different care and special attention. This is how to best support your senior cat as she ages to keep her healthy.
Small white dog eating an orange

Can dogs eat oranges? Read this before feeding your pet

Oranges can be a great summertime treat, but many dog owners wonder whether dogs can eat oranges, too. This is what you'll need to know.
Golden retriever on the patio at sunset

Can dogs see in the dark? Your guide to your dog’s vision

Dogs' vision differs from humans'. Can dogs see in the dark? The answer might surprise you, and the reasons behind it are pretty cool.
A brown and white dog eats a strawberry off a fork

Can dogs eat strawberries? Everything you need to know

Can dogs eat strawberries? We'll walk through which fruits your dog can eat and how you should serve them to your furry friend.
A close-up of a beagle

Why do dogs have wet noses? They’re actually really important

Wet noses are generally considered a good sign for dogs. Why do dogs have wet noses, though? We dug up some answers for you.
A French bulldog wearing a pineapple onesie

Can dogs eat pineapple? What you need to know

This tangy, tropical fruit is a summertime favorite, and it's only natural to want to share with your dog. Here's what to know about feeding dogs pineapple.
A brown Vizsla dog's portrait in front of a black background

Why do dogs hump everything? You might be surprised

Whether your dog has always had a problem with humping or they've recently picked it up, it's only natural to have questions. Here's what you'll want to know.
An obese tabby cat perched on a red wooden table

Is your cat obese? 5 ways to help them slim down

While it might look cute, allowing your pet to stay overweight can lead to health problems. Help your obese cat lose weight with these strategies.
A French bulldog puppy wearing a yellow sweater stands next to a dog bowl in front of a blue background

Can dogs eat shrimp? The answer may surprise you

Shrimp is a delicious option for people, but can dogs enjoy this shellfish, too? Let's break down what dog owners need to know about feeding dogs shrimp.
A person scratches their cat's back

Can a cat’s tail really fall off?

While your cat's tail probably won't fall off, it can be prone to injuries. You should keep an eye on her and contact your vet if something happens.
A pug drinking water from a sink faucet

Does your dog drink a lot of water? Here’s when you should be concerned

We're here to share the most common reasons a dog drinks a lot of water and when it's time to take your pooch to the vet for a checkup.
A dog in the kitchen looking up at woman drinking coffee

Can dogs eat mango? Read this first

Can dogs eat mango? The answer depends on the dog. Here's what to know about the benefits, risks and serving suggestions.
A dog sleeping in a bed with a water bottle on his head and a thermometer in his mouth.

What to do if your dog keeps throwing up with no sign of stopping

Throw up is a part of owning a pet but it can be serious. This is what you need to do if your dog won't stop vomiting.
Woman chops up veggies including celery for her dog

Can dogs eat celery? The do’s and don’ts you should know

Celery and other low-calorie vegetables make a great snack for your pooch as long as you give them in moderation.
Australian shepherd by brick wall

Seizures in dogs can be scary – this is what you need to do

Seizures in dogs can cause the humans that love them to panic. Understanding the signs, reasons, and what to do can help.
A Siberian husky's close-up with mouth open, panting

Husky health: 6 common health problems in Siberian huskies and what to look out for

These six health conditions are more common in Siberian huskies, but a little bit of vigilance can help keep your husky healthy and happy as they grow.
Cat licking lips over food bowl

How often should I feed my cat? Here’s what to know about cat feeding schedules

Feeding schedules impact your cat's digestion, energy, and happiness. Here's how often you should feed your cat.
A golden retriever rests under a blanket, looking bored

What can I give my dog for diarrhea? 5 simple remedies to treat an upset stomach

What can I give my dog for diarrhea? Start with these simple techniques and ingredients that calm an upset stomach from the comfort of home.
Puppy scratches his ear on the sand

Hot spots on dogs: What you need to know

Hot spots might look scary but they usually signify nothing serious. You'll have to keep them at bay and hopefully eliminate the underlying issue.
A bowl of raw chicken plus supplements to feed to a pet

Can cats eat raw chicken? Yes, but there are huge health risks you need to know about

Is a raw diet right for your cat? Here's what you need to know about how to safely feed your cats raw chicken.
Closeup of dog eye

Why do dogs get eye boogers? What you need to know about this common problem (and when you should be concerned)

Usually eye boogers in dogs are nothing to worry about, but they can indicate a bigger issue. Find out when you need to take your dog to the vet.
Dog wears a yellow sweater and looks at the camera

Why do dogs eat cat poop? And how you can get them to stop

Disgustingly, you might find your dog occasionally eating cat poop. Here's what you need to do to stop this behavior.
Baby bird standing up

Wondering what to feed a baby bird? Here’s how to take care of an orphaned bird

It's best for a baby bird to stay with its family, but some may end up orphaned. We offer tips on how to feed a baby bird and who to contact for help.
Woman petting cat

What you need to know about your cat’s swollen lip – what causes it and how to help it heal

You may have noticed a swelling on your cat's upper or lower lip. Here's what you need to know about this common occurrence.
Puppy sleeping on lap of human with mustard yellow sweater

Do puppies sleep a lot? These are the perfectly normal sleeping habits of a healthy pup

Do puppies sleep a lot? Sleep is an essential element of human and canine development. Make sure you and your dog are well rested.
A woman hugs and kisses her senior dog

Do dogs know they’re dying? Here’s what experts say about a dog’s final days

Take a deep breath, give your dog a little pet, and scroll on if you’re feeling ready to learn about this important — yet difficult — time.
Two dog paws

Why does my dog smell like Fritos? It’s weird, but there could be an underlying health issue

Why does my dog smell like Fritos? Unless they ate some corn chips, you may find this scent from their feet rather strange. Here's what to know.
An old, tired golden retriever lying down

How to make a dog throw up — safely, quickly, and at home — after ingesting something they shouldn’t have

Has your dog ingested a foreign object? Learning how to make a dog throw up can be a lifesaving skill, so don't wait to do your research.
A small dog sits on the table at a vet office

Why do dogs’ anal glands fill up? Here’s what to know

Your pup's anal glands might fill up from time to time and require attention. We'll walk you through why they fill up and how to maintain them.
A Maine Coon cat reaches his snow-covered paw toward the camera.

Wondering how to keep cat warm in cold weather – here are 9 effective ways to help your pet stay toasty

How do you keep cats warm in cold weather? Help your kitty cat stay warm in winter with these effective strategies.
A golden retriever chasing a ball

4 ways to uplift your dog’s mental health and why it’s so important

Your dog's mental health might seem like a foreign subject at first, but your furry friend's needs may be surprisingly similar to your own. Here's what to know.