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Senior cat sleeping on a cat tree perch

These useful tips can help you support your senior cat’s health

Older cats require different care and special attention. This is how to best support your senior cat as she ages to keep her healthy.
A tabby cat with yellow eyes stalks low to the ground

Cats chirping at birds is totally normal (and here’s why you should encourage it)

A close-up of gray striped cat hissing

Why do cats fight? They’re not just being jerks

Veterinarian examining cat while little boy watches

How to find the right veterinarian for your pet

Small cat sleeping on her back

Why do cats twitch in their sleep? The real reasons behind this curious behavior

Orange cat near water

Why do cats roll in dirt? 10 reasons for their dust bath

A white cat sleeps with a paw in front of their face

Why do cats cover their face when they sleep? This adorable behavior, explained

An obese tabby cat perched on a red wooden table

Is your cat obese? 5 ways to help them slim down

A person scratches their cat's back

Can a cat’s tail really fall off?

Cat in a basket with plastic bag

Why do cats eat plastic (and when you should be concerned)?

A tabby kitten standing in a bowl of kibble

When can kittens eat dry food? The lowdown on what you should feed them

A cat licking his paw while lying in front of a blue background

Why do cats lick themselves? It goes beyond just cat grooming

A white and tabby cat with their mouth open

Why do cats open their mouths when they smell? It’s for a really cool reason

There are several reasons why a cat may leave their mouth open, but mouth-open smelling is one of the most common reasons. But why do cats do it?
Kitten sitting on a tree stump in front of a tree

How long do cats live? The answer may actually depend on their human parent

How long do cats live? The answer to this question depends on multiple factors, including care from you, their human. Here's what to know.
Bengal cat peering around a row of potted plants

Family member allergic to cats? Where to find hypoallergenic cats for adoption

Need a hypoallergenic cat in your household? Adopt one! Here's how you can get a fur baby without sneezing through the day.
A black pug and a tabby cat sit on a table

Why do dogs hate cats? The truth behind this age-old grudge

Many dogs chase cats — or even avoid them — but not many pet parents know why these common pet species act so hot and cold toward one another.
Black and white cat lying on a cat bed on a sofa

What does it mean when cats purr? It’s more scientific than them just being happy

Here are the various reasons why cats purr and what it means.
best robot vacuum for pet

The best robot vacuums for pet hair in 2024

Dogs may be man's best friend, but shedding can leave your house a mess. Keep your floors clean with the a robot vacuum for pet hair pickup.
Cat licking lips over food bowl

How often should I feed my cat? Here’s what to know about cat feeding schedules

Feeding schedules impact your cat's digestion, energy, and happiness. Here's how often you should feed your cat.
A tabby cat looks up eith blue eyes

Why do cats have 9 lives? The origins of the saying

Nearly everyone has heard that cats have 9 lives, but few people know where the saying actually comes from. Fortunately, we solved the mystery.
best pet scale

The best pet scales of 2024

Keep track of your companion's health with one of these reliable pet scales. Obtain quick and precise measurements to monitor your pet's weight.
best dry cat food

The best dry cat foods of 2024

A well-balanced diet is vital for your cat's health. Discover how to select the right option and ensure it meets your kitty's nutritional needs.
Calico cat lying on a white comforter

Why you should feel honored if your cat sleeps at your feet

Why do cats sleep at your feet? There are many reasons behind this sweet behavior, so you'll have to keep an eye on your cat to figure out why.
A bowl of raw chicken plus supplements to feed to a pet

Can cats eat raw chicken? Yes, but there are huge health risks you need to know about

Is a raw diet right for your cat? Here's what you need to know about how to safely feed your cats raw chicken.
Cat yawns while sitting in a window

4 reasons why cats wag their tails while lying down

Dogs wag their tails when happy, but why do cats do it? We cover the four most common reasons your feline will wag their tail while lying down.
Two people holding a tiny gray and white kitten whose eyes haven't opened yet

When do kittens open their eyes? This is what happens if they do it too early

When do kittens open their eyes? Here's when you can expect your kitten to show off her baby blues and what to do if it's too early.
A white cat's tail hangs from the wooden bookshelf

Why do cats have tails? Science explains

Feline tails serve many purposes besides being cute. From communication to warmth and everything in between, this is why cats have tails.
A black cat loafs on a blue blanket

Do you have a loaf cat? Why cats curl up into adorable little buns

No one denies that cats look adorable when they lie in this position, but loafing has puzzled cat owners for years. Here's what this odd sitting position means.
A cat snuggling on a person's chest

What does it mean when a cat lies on your chest?

What does it mean when a cat lies on your chest? Good question. Chances are, it's a positive sign. Here are top reasons and when to be concerned.
Hand petting cat

The Best Flea Treatment for Cats of 2024

Discover the best flea treatment for cats in 2024. Our guide empowers you to combat fleas effectively, transforming your cat's comfort and health.
Woman petting cat

What you need to know about your cat’s swollen lip – what causes it and how to help it heal

You may have noticed a swelling on your cat's upper or lower lip. Here's what you need to know about this common occurrence.
A white Domestic Shorthair cat meows

Why does my cat meow at night? The answer may shock you

If you wonder, "Why does my cat meow at night?" you're not alone. Many cats meow at night for different reasons — most of which aren't cause for concern.
Cat squeezes her eyes shut

Can cats cry? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

Can your cat cry real tears? Their eyes may water but it's not with emotion. Instead, you'll have to listen to their noises to determine their feelings.
Cat stands with a blue toy in her mouth

Cat zoomies: Why they do it, and what it means

What do the cat zoomies really mean? Most likely, they're just living their best life (and need a little extra playtime).
Cat sitting in a cat bed looking out a window

How long can you leave a cat alone? Not as long as you think

It's OK to leave a cat by themselves for a little while. Here's how long they can entertain themselves safely.
Cat licks his paw on the bed

Why do cats lick each other? It’s not always a bathing ritual

Cats lick each other, themselves, and us, but why? We explore the causes of this behavior and also look at when you should intervene.
Close up of a cat sticking out her tongue

Cat panting: 5 reasons behind this behavior and what you should do about it

We don't think about cats panting but it does happen. If you notice your animal with her tongue out, you might have to take a trip to the vet.
a ffuffy cat in a cardboard box

Why do cats spray? This obnoxious behavior, explained

Why do cats spray? It's essential to understand why (and whether your cat is really spraying at all). Plus, tips to help you curb the cat spraying.
Two kittens on wooden shelves

8 essential tips for disciplining cats

Cats may seem indifferent, but you can still train them. Our guide shows you how to discipline a cat with eight easy and effective tips.
an orange and white cat lounging on wood plank

Why do cats throw up? (Plus, the one thing you should always do)

Why is my cat throwing up? The question is a common one, but the answer is highly individual. Here's what to know and why to calla vet.
A one-eyed cat sleeps with the other open

Cats sleep with their eyes open — it’s creepy, but here’s why they do it

Ever seen a cat sleeping with its eyes open? It's weird! Here's why they do it and when you need to step in and take kitty to the vet.
Cats on Cat Tower

The Best Cat Tree of 2024

Explore the best cat tree of 2024! Our article provides an in-depth review and guide to help you choose the perfect cat tree for your feline friend
Kitten sleeping in a bed with purple cover

How long do kittens sleep? How to encourage yours to sleep through the night

Is there anything cuter than a kitten sleeping? Kitties are incredibly active, but you can train them to sleep through the night. Here's how.
Kitten in kitchen eating

How many times a day should kittens eat?

Your kitten will need more fuel for his growing body than an adult cat. We give suggestions on how much he can eat each day to be happy.
Cat near its litter box

Is there blood in your cat’s stool? Don’t panic — here’s what it means and what to do

If your cat has bloody stools, don't panic — you might just have to wait it out. Reach for this guide before calling the vet.
Striped orange cat meowing

Why do cats meow excessively? 6 possible causes – and solutions that can help you both

Talkative cats are cute, but excessive meowing can be annoying. Here are some possible causes and solutions that can help both of you.
Cat with empty bowl looking up

Loss of weight in cats can be a symptom of many things – Here’s what you need to know and when to call the vet

Loss of weight in cats is a serious issue. Here's why you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
A close-up of a gray cat hissing

Why do cats hiss? There are actually several reasons for this behavior

Why do cats hiss? This question is an important one to ask, so you can do what you can to avoid making a cat hiss (and help others do the same).
A black and white cat's lower body as they lie on hardwood floor

Why do cats wag their tails? The interesting facts behind it

Everyone knows what a wagging tail means on a dog, but why do cats wag their tails? The real answer may surprise you.
Cat nibbles her person's hand gently

Why do cats bite? Here are the 6 main reasons

Sometimes cats bite out of nowhere, but it's not actually for no reason. We'll walk through six potential causes for sudden snapping.