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The Best Cat Tree of 2024

Cats on Cat Tower
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In the world of cat care, finding the perfect blend of comfort and stimulation for our feline friends is paramount. A cat tree stands out as an indispensable haven that satisfies their urge to climb, scratch, and lounge. The MUTTROS Cat Tree Tower, with its hammock, large perch, and natural sisal rope, takes the top spot in our selection for indoor medium cats. It’s designed not just for play but also for rest, making it an ideal choice for cat owners looking to enrich their pets’ indoor lives. Check out more options below to find the ultimate playground for your purring companion.

muttros cat tree


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The MUTTROS Cat Tree Tower is a must-have addition for any cat owner who wants to provide their feline friend with a stimulating and engaging environment. The cat tree features a unique cactus design that adds a touch of whimsy and provides an excellent surface for cats to scratch and climb. The large perch and dangling ball add more fun elements to this cat tower, giving your cat ample opportunity for exercise and entertainment.

What sets this cat tree apart from others on the market is the thoughtful inclusion of a hammock and a bowl feature, making it the most engaging cat tower. The hammock allows your cat to rest and relax after a play session, while the bowl can be used for feeding or as another cozy spot for your cat to curl up. The cat tree is wrapped in natural sisal rope, providing a safe and durable surface for scratching. Its engaging features and durable design offer great value for the price, making it our top overall pick.


  • Provides comfortable lounging spots
  • Easy assembly and stable build
  • Adorable and unique design


  • May not be very durable
le sure cat tree

Lesure Large Cat Tree

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Enhance your furry friend’s indoor experience with Lesure Cat Tree. This multi-level pet play house is not only a cat tower but also doubles as a scratching post and platform, providing your cat with many activities to engage in. Standing 34 inches tall, this cat tree is perfect for indoor cats of all sizes.

What sets this cat tree apart is its easy assembly and high stability. No need to worry about complicated instructions or missing pieces, as the assembly process is straightforward and hassle-free. Moreover, it boasts high stability, making it one of the most stable cat trees on the market. This ensures that even the most playful felines can climb, scratch, and play without tipping it over. Its beige color adds a touch of elegance to any space, perfectly blending with your home decor.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable and suitable for larger cats
  • Features removable/washable padding


  • Open area for hopping is narrow
yaheetech cat tree

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower

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The Yaheetech 54in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play offers a fantastic playground for your feline friends, especially those who are active and within small to medium sizes. This cat tree is perfect for such cats as it is durable, sturdy, and designed to withstand their active play. The structure comes equipped with scratch posts that cater to your cat’s natural scratching behavior, helping to keep your furniture safe from damage.

The height of the 54-inch structure provides plenty of vertical space for climbing and jumping, which is essential for good feline health. Additionally, it includes condos and platforms for lounging or observing their surroundings from a safe, elevated position. The different levels of this cat tree allow multiple cats to play simultaneously, making it ideal for multi-cat households, too.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Cats love to play on it


  • Plastic parts may become wobbly over time
heybly cat tree

Heybly Cat Tree

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The Heybly Cat Tree is a splendid addition to any feline-friendly home. This cat tower condo provides indoor cats with a plush, padded perch for optimal comfort and relaxation. The cat tree also features a unique feeding bowl, creating a dedicated eating space for your cat minimizing the mess made during meal times. Its soft, light gray color beautifully accentuates any room decor, giving your cat a spot to call their own without compromising the aesthetic of your home.

The cat tree is also perfect for engaging feral rescue cats in a safe and comfortable environment. The basket scratching board post offers a dedicated space for cats to scratch, keeping their claws groomed and your furniture safe from damage. Its highlight is the self-grooming brush that allows cats to brush themselves whenever needed. In addition, the cat house included in the structure provides a cozy retreat for your feline friends.


  • Provides personal space for cats
  • Includes adjustable elements
  • Offers safe feeding area


  • Basket bed not frequently used
feandrea cat tree


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The FEANDREA Cat Tree provides an exceptional haven for your feline friends, including larger cats. This cat tree is not only practical but also comfortable. It features sisal-covered scratching posts that cats love to claw, satisfying their instinct to scratch and, at the same time, keeping their claws trim. The cat tree also comes with two plush condos, providing a perfect place for your cats to curl up and nap after a good play session. The light grey color adds a touch of elegance to any room while offering a great lounging spot for your fur babies.

The durability of this cat tree stands out, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use. Crafted with high-quality materials, it withstands weather conditions, ensuring your cats have a safe and sturdy place to play and rest. This outdoor suitability is especially beneficial for cats that enjoy a blend of indoor coziness and outdoor adventures. Its robust design ensures your cats can play, climb, or relax without fearing the tree toppling over.


  • Sturdy and supports heavy cats.
  • Soft and plush material.
  • Includes wall securing option.


  • Stability issues for larger cats
Birman breed posing on a cat tree
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The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Perfect Cat Tree

Nothing comes close to a cat tree when it comes to pampering our feline friends. A fantastic tool to keep your cat stimulated, active, and contented, cat trees are an essential buy for any cat owner. However, with so many designs, sizes, and materials available, finding the best cat tree can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Don’t fret; this comprehensive buying guide will help simplify your decision-making process.

Size and Stability

The size of the cat tree is a crucial factor. You don’t want to get a cat tree that’s too cramped for your feline to climb and play. Bigger isn’t always better, though. Find a balance that suits your cat’s size and the space available. Stability is equally important. Look for a cat tree with a sturdy base to prevent it from toppling over when your cat is climbing or playing.

Material Quality

The quality of the material determines the durability of the cat tree. Cat trees made of solid wood are generally more durable and stable but also more expensive. Those made of particleboard are economical but might not stand up to rigorous play. The covering material should be soft and comfortable. Faux fur and plush are commonly used for their softness and ease of cleaning.

Design and Complexity

When it comes to design, consider your cat’s personality. Some cats love complex trees with multiple levels, hiding spots, and dangling toys. Others prefer simple designs with just a perch and scratching post. Observe your cat’s play habits to find the best fit. The design should also be aesthetically pleasing and blend well with your home decor.

Scratching Posts

A cat tree with built-in scratching posts can be a lifesaver for your furniture. Cats naturally love to scratch; having a designated spot can deter them from scratching your furniture. The scratching posts should be covered with a durable material, like sisal rope, to withstand your cat’s claws and provide a satisfying scratch.

Ease of Assembly

Nobody wants to spend hours assembling a cat tree. A good cat tree should be easy to assemble with clear instructions. Some cat trees come pre-assembled, which is a bonus. However, these might be more difficult to transport or move around the house. It’s a trade-off between convenience and portability.


Lastly, consider your budget. The best cat tree doesn’t need to be the most expensive one. Plenty of affordable options on the market offer great value for money. When comparing prices, take into account the size, material quality, design complexity, and additional features like scratching posts.


Choosing the best cat tree might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With this guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to find the perfect cat tree that your feline friend will love. Remember, the best cat tree is one that suits your cat’s needs and fits seamlessly into your home.

Common Questions About Cat Tree

What is a cat tree?

A cat tree is a multi-level, climbing toy for cats. It typically includes platforms, scratching posts, and sometimes toys or cubbyholes. It’s designed to provide exercise, a space to relax, and an outlet for scratching for your cat.

How do I assemble a cat tree?

Most cat trees come with a manual that provides step-by-step instructions for assembling the product. Usually, you will need simple tools like a screwdriver to assemble it. The overall process involves attaching the various platforms, posts, and other elements to the base using the provided screws or other fasteners.

What materials are cat trees typically made of?

Cat trees are generally made of a combination of solid wood, particle board, and heavy-duty cardboard. The posts are often wrapped in sisal rope for scratching, and platforms and cubbyholes may be covered in carpet or plush material for comfort.

How do I clean and maintain a cat tree?

Cleaning a cat tree involves regular vacuuming to remove hair and dust, spot cleaning with a mild detergent for any stains, and replacing any worn-out parts such as sisal rope on scratching posts. Regular maintenance also includes tightening any loose screws to ensure the tree remains stable.

Where should I place the cat tree?

The placement of a cat tree depends on your cat’s habits and the layout of your home. It’s usually best to place it near a window so your cat can watch the outside, or in a room where your family spends a lot of time.

What is the right size of a cat tree for my cat?

The size of the cat tree should match your cat’s size and activity level. A larger, more active cat will need a larger, sturdier tree with multiple levels. Kittens or smaller, less active cats can use smaller trees.

How will a cat tree benefit my cat?

A cat tree provides many benefits including a space for cats to scratch which helps to keep their claws healthy, platforms for climbing and exercise, and high perches that many cats enjoy as it provides them with a secure vantage point.

Why is my cat not using the cat tree?

Cats might not immediately take to a new cat tree because it’s unfamiliar. You can encourage use by placing treats or toys on the tree, or by rubbing some catnip on it. In some cases, the placement of the tree could be the issue, so you might try moving it to a new location.

What should I do if the cat tree is unstable?

If the cat tree is unstable, it may be due to loose screws or an uneven surface. Make sure all screws are tightened and that the tree is on a flat, stable surface. If stability issues persist, contact the manufacturer or retailer for assistance.

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