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5 hilarious YouTube channels about cats

Cats are always good for some entertainment, and thanks to YouTube, you can watch funny cat videos all day long. But instead of sorting through hundreds of videos to find the funny gems, heading to some of the top funny cat YouTube channels can save you time. These channels specialize in entertaining content that’s sure to make you laugh, and they’re the perfect option for filling some spare time or unwinding after a long day. If you’re in need of a good laugh or pick-me-up, or just want to spend some time watching adorable cats, then you’ll want to subscribe to these five fabulous YouTube channels.

If Cats Said "Mom" Instead of "Meow"

Cole and Marmalade

The Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel provides a lighthearted look at what life with cats is really like. The videos feature the adorable Cole and Marmalade, plus an assortment of other cat-interest pieces. Cole and Marmalade lead a fantastic life, and videos highlight everything from their deluxe cat ball pit creation to the cats immersed in immense amounts of catnip. With fun videos like “If Cats Said ‘Mom’ Instead of ‘Meow'” and “Cat Logic,” you’ll find loads of opportunities for a good laugh. This channel also offers plenty of instructive content, so you’ll learn some great information while still having a good time.

TECHNICAL HITCH #workingfromhome

Simon’s Cat

It all started with a funny cartoon back in 2007. Today, Simon’s Cat has evolved to an entire animated series. Meet Simon’s cat, a fat, white, highly mischievous cat who has a serious sense of humor. These cartoons may be just a few minutes long, but they portray all of the funny truths about life with a cat. Cartoons depicting the crazy antics a cat gets up to when he’s hungry, or the lengths a cat will go to to get their owner out of bed are sure to have cat lovers laughing. This channel also offers Simon’s Cat Logic videos that provide information about cat behavior and other fascinating facts for cat owners.

My Cat Attempt Impossible Laser Maze


Meet Pusic, the adorable, clever, and super-curious black-and-white feline. Started in 2015, the CatPusic channel has 1.57 million subscribers, and for good reason. The videos of Pusic are fun, surprising, and entertaining. Pusic does everything from dress up in costumes to break eggs on a counter to play in a pool of beanbag filling. Through all his adventures, he’s animated and engaging, and some creative editing and crazy cat challenges make the videos even more interesting. You never know what this channel will post next, so it’s a good idea to subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything.

My cat helps me to clean the house.

The Oreo Cat

The Oreo Cat is a fluffy, lovable black-and-white kitty, and he’s joined by feline friends Pudding and Onyx. This channel is packed with fun cat videos featuring these best buds. While Onyx and Oreo are absolutely adorable, it’s Pudding who really steals the show with his kittenlike antics and love of randomly jumping up walls. Intensely inquisitive and endlessly playful, this trio is highly entertaining to watch. They wear costumes — including adorable ties — teach the audience valuable lessons, and convey important tidbits of wisdom, all while having a great time. How-to recipes and craft demo videos even combine this fun with a dose of education.

ゴムチューブと子ねこの長い戦い。-Long battle between the rubber tube and Kitten Miri.-

Maru the Cat

Maru the cat is a Scottish fold who is living his best life while providing worldwide entertainment. He’s self-assured, laid-back, and has perfect comedic timing. With nearly 800,000 subscribers, this channel is thriving thanks to Maru’s adorable, pudgy self and the sheer entertainment of his daily antics. Videos feature him crawling around with a box on his head, trying to fit into small box after small box, playing hide-and-seek, and hanging out with his cat friends. Free of gimmicks and over-the-top editing, this channel showcases cats in their natural environment and relies on their inherent silliness to entertain.

If you’re looking to watch funny cats on YouTube, you’ll have plenty of choices and millions of videos to wade through. Heading straight to these YouTube channels can help ensure you’re watching quality content and that you’ll have a good laugh. Whether you’re looking for fun cartoons or lighthearted videos showcasing cats acting silly, you’re sure to find hours and hours of video footage. So, go ahead, kick back, relax, curl up on the couch with your best furry friend, and enjoy these funny cat videos. While you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to these channels so you don’t miss any of their future content.

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