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Video of cat feeding a dog treats like he’s some sort of peasant is priceless

Isn’t there a whole thing about dogs and cats not getting along for the most part? Sure, sometimes you see photos of family pets cuddled up together, but that might be more of a case of them trying to keep each other warm and cozy. But after seeing this video that was shared on Reddit of a cat feeding a dog treats directly off the counter, it begs the question of whether dogs and cats make much better team members than anyone expects.

In the clip, which is fittingly titled, “How to please dogs and cats at the same time,” you’ll see a black cat sitting on top of the kitchen counter, and a human drops a handful of treats (which kind of looks like pieces of popcorn) in front of the feline, who is more than happy to be receiving a snack.

However, before diving into the treats, the cat decides to share them with the family dog, who is anxiously awaiting their fair share. Check it out and try not to get a good chuckle out of it.

How to please cats and dogs at the same time from CatsWithDogs

Ha! How funny are these two? They really do make the perfect tag team, don’t you think? We love how the cat made sure to throw quite a few treats the dog’s way before helping themselves and enjoying them. Clearly, this isn’t the first time this has happened in this household, as these furry friends seem to have developed a treat-time routine — and they know that their human can’t resist the show they put on, which results in more treats!

So far, the video is racking up views and has 126 comments from Reddit users who are just as delighted with it as we are. TheLadyPatricia echoed our sentiments with, “This is effin’ hilarious! Thank you for a good laugh!” Bimbleover had a funny comment as well, saying, “Cat knocks over sh**, dog is all over it.”

Another user, boxingjazz, couldn’t help but wonder what other sorts of shenanigans these two will get into and chimed in with, “CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER!!!! Seriously though, it’s all fun and games until these two start figuring out OTHER ways to work together. Okay, just kidding about the last part (I think). This is adorable.”

And, of course, there are those commenters who thought that the cat was clearly the ring leader of this operation. Sugewhite86 said, “Cat throwing crumbs to the peasant dog.” Mnxah added, “The cat is like “ha, plebe.”

Huh. After watching it again, it does seem like the cat is treating the dog like a second-class citizen, being that the pup is on the floor and all.

But regardless of which of these animals figured out a clever way to get their human to feed them more treats, it’s downright adorable. This has all the makings of a beautiful friendship for years to come.

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