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Try to keep your cat corralled with these 3 pet gates

While many cats can enjoy free run of the whole house, there are some situations where you might need to keep your cat out of a room or particular section of your home. In these instances, cat gates can keep your cat safely contained while still letting him or her see and interact with people on the other side of the gate.

While traditional pet gates can be quite short, tall cat gates can discourage your cat from trying to climb or jump over them. If you need to limit your cat’s access to certain areas but don’t have a door or don’t want to close a door in those spaces, these three best pet gates might be the perfect solution.

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

The Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door measures a full 36 inches tall, so it can deter your cat from trying to jump over the gate. It can be adjusted to fit openings from 29 to 36.5 inches wide, meaning it will work with most doorways in your home. It also includes a 4-inch extension kit, making it a highly versatile option you can use throughout your home. The gate is highly durable — steel construction — and is chew-proof and nontoxic. It can be quickly removed and installed. The gate even features an 8-by-8-inch pet door that can let cats through while keeping larger pets out. The pet door can be locked to keep all your pets contained.

Magic Pet Gate for Dogs and Cats

The Magic Pet Gate for Dogs and Cats is made of a durable mesh, so your cat can still feel like part of the action without having to look through metal bars. The mesh is strong enough to withstand cat claws. It measures 44.7 inches wide by 30.3 inches high, so it can discourage your cat from trying to jump it. It also fits most typical doorways. No tools are required for setup, and when you don’t need it, you can fold up the gate for easy storage. The gate comes with two stretchable poles, eight sticky hooks, and the woven fabric. The hooks stick best on a dry, smooth surface, and this gate is suitable for use in doorways, stairwells, and between walls.

Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate

The Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate creates a solid yet safe surface to effectively keep your pets on one side. It adjusts easily between 28 and 42 inches wide, making it suitable for a variety of installations, such as in doorways and stairwells. It measures 24 inches high and features a durable bamboo frame. The panels are made of recycled plastic, so you can feel good about this eco-conscious product. Nonmarring bumpers help protect your woodwork from damage, and the gate installs based on pressure alone — no tools needed and no assembly required!

When choosing a cat gate, consider the space where you’ll be using it as well as your cat’s habits. More laid-back, older cats may do just fine with a gate that measures 2 feet tall. Cats that like jumping or climbing might need a taller gate to discourage them from trying to get to the other side. Always double-check the dimensions of the space that you need the gate to span and consider whether a temporary gate or a gate with a more permanent installation is better for your needs. If you’re in doubt, always invest in a sturdier, taller gate than you think you might need.

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