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Video of mom cat trying to introduce her kitten to a human baby makes us go ‘Aww!’

It doesn’t matter what species they are — moms can’t resist showing off their babies to the people in life who are important to them. We’ve all seen plenty of pictures of dogs and cats with their new litters, and it’s obvious to see in each one that mom is incredibly proud of her new little additions. But one cat wanted to make sure that every single member of her family properly met her new baby, including the newest human, and the video of the interaction is just priceless.

In the clip, a tiny human baby is having a nap on her mat, which is placed on the floor, and the mama cat walks over to the newborn with her new little kitten in her mouth and proceeds to try and introduce the two of them. The video was posted to Reddit with the title, “Mama cat wants here kitty baby to be friends with human baby.”

Get ready — it’s ridiculously cute.

Mama cat wants her kitty baby to be friends with human baby from Eyebleach

Aww! Have you ever seen anything quite so innocent, genuine, and adorable, especially coming from a cat? We love how the kitten starts to walk away after being delivered to the baby, and mom says “not so fast, little one! Get back over here and meet your human sister.”

Viewers of the clip couldn’t resist offering their own heartfelt reactions. BeezleBat noted, “Cats are incredibly communal, and female cats tend to take care of not only their own litter but the litters of their siblings, children, and even grandchildren. It wouldn’t surprise me if this mom cat saw this human child as its own, or at least as another (albeit large and naked) kitten that needs to be taken care of.”

Ericsgirl325 added, “Mama cat took kitty on a play date.” And fleischio echoed our exact sentiments about the clip, (Kitten): “Mummy, I don’t want to play with the hooman!” (Mama cat): “You get over here and say hello to your new friend!”

Of course, at least one Reddit user read between the lines of what this cat’s true intentions were. Betterworld62 captioned a comment with, “If I can get this darn kid to play with the human, I’ll finally get some ‘alone time’ to watch birds in the window.”

Ha! Isn’t that the truth? Any mom, human, cat, dog, or otherwise knows that alone time is worth its weight in gold when there’s a newborn in the equation.

But regardless of why this sweet feline was offering her kitten to that baby, one thing’s for sure: it’s impossible to resist animals who love to interact with their humans almost as if to say “you’re part of my family and I want you to know it.”

As for the parents of the baby in the video? They’ll have a cherished memory to show their little one for years to come. Something tells us this little girl will love watching it as she grows up, too.

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