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7 adorable cats to follow on Instagram right now

If there’s one major benefit to the internet, it’s that it’s granted us access to seemingly endless cute cat photos. While looking at photos of random adorable cats is fun, it’s even more entertaining when you can get to know some of these cats and their unique personalities. Instagram has become the go-to spot to find cute cat photos, and there are some Instagram-famous cats that you’ll definitely want to follow. These cats on Instagram aren’t only cute, but they also have a lively presence and are always getting up to new adventures, including dressing up, posing with their furry family members, and even sharing information about some of their favorite products that you might want to check out. If you’re looking for some adorable photos, be sure to follow these pets on Instagram.

Suki Cat

Suki, a stunning Bengal cat, goes on bold and inspiring adventures with her owners, who chronicle the outings on Instagram. Not only is Suki beautiful and adorable, but the account is full of amazing photos and stories about her adventures, from canoeing to camping to hiking and more. Inspiring for the owners of adventure cats and plenty of fun for the owners of cats who would rather stay home, this is a great account to follow.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Meet Hamilton, the striking gray-and-white cat who has a mustache to envy. That mustache is entirely natural, and he was born with it, but it sure makes for some fabulous photo ops! Hamilton lives in San Francisco and was born on the Fourth of July.

Sam Has Eyebrows

Sam, a nearly entirely white cat, has black markings only on his tail and forehead. Those forehead markings look just like eyebrows, and Sam’s Instagram is full of photos of the cat looking adorably inquisitive. Sam found his current family after he was abandoned on a doorstep, and he quickly rose to Instagram fame, thanks to his distinctive appearance.

Nala Cat

With 4.3 million followers, Nala Cat holds the Guinness World Record for being the most popular cat on Instagram. It’s easy to see why, thanks to her adorable photos and her feisty nature and purr-sonality. Nala was adopted, and much of her Instagram content advocates for shelter animals and adoption. Nala Cat even has a book out, titled Living Your Best Life According to Nala Cat. 

Smoothie The Cat

Meet Smoothie, a stunningly beautiful and incredibly fluffy cat. Smoothie has more than 2.2 million followers and graces Instagram with her golden coat and captivatingly green-blue eyes. Smoothie has mastered the deep, soulful gaze into the camera, and she’s both regal and utterly charming, all at once.

Venus the Two Face Cat

Venus is proof that being two-faced isn’t a bad thing. This beautiful cat is a tortoiseshell, but one-half of her face is black and one-half is red tabby. Some reports state that Venus is a chimera, a cat with two sets of DNA. One thing’s for certain: Venus is a gorgeous cat, no matter what you call her. She has 2 million followers on Instagram to prove it.

Coby the Cat

Coby was born in 2015 and currently lives in California. This adorable British shorthair is full of personality, and his cobalt-blue eyes make for some stunning Instagram photos. Coby is impressively tolerant about playing dress-up, though his expressions reveal what he really thinks about his outfits. His Instagram feed is full of sass and humor.

If you’re looking for a great way to unwind at the end of the day or just want to fill your Instagram feed with adorable cats, then these accounts are fabulous ones to follow. All these cats are remarkably cute, and their owners do a fantastic job of capturing their lives in photos to share with us. When you follow any of these cats, be sure to like some photos and leave comments to show that you appreciate the content that the owners are posting. While taking photos of cats is definitely fun, managing these social media pages is a lot of work, and your gratitude for the content is sure to be appreciated. Maybe you want to start an Instagram account for your own adorable kitty? Who knows, you might have the next Instagram feline star living in your home.

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