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The best automatic cat toys for mental and physical health

When cats get destructive, they might be looking for an outlet to release pent-up energy or misplaced hunting instinct urges. Automatic cat toys entertain cats and exercise their mind and body while keeping them in a safe playing area. We know you want to do extensive research to find the best automatic cat toy for your cat, but fortunately we’ve gone ahead and listed the leading brands here to help you decide.

Movement is key when it comes to an automatic cat toy. A majority of toys accommodate cats’ hunting instincts, so they imitate mice and other small prey’s movements. Some are stationary with twirling parts, some roll around the room, and some make use of classic lasers to get your cat moving.

Some toys shut off automatically after a certain time to conserve battery, but others need to be manually powered down. In this case, consider how long the battery life lasts. Let’s take a look at our choices.

SmartyKat Concealed Motion Toy

Best for Hot Pursuit

The SmartyKat motion toy is the best choice for simulating hot pursuit. A circling toy shuffles unpredictably underneath a tough fabric with flashing lights, sustaining your cat’s attention until they’ve had their fill of amusement. The plastic wand is tough, but SmartyKat does provide replacements when they’re needed.

YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy

Best for Self – Rotating

YOFUN’s interactive cat toy is the best self-rotating alternative to traditional feather wands. It’s suitable for hard surfaces like wood, tile, and thin carpets in spacious homes. However, the toy automatically redirects itself when it hits a wall or furniture body. Note that this ball turns off automatically after 40 minutes of playtime.

Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Best with Laser

The Friends Forever cat toy features a laser tower that projects beams onto floors, walls, and other surfaces around the room. This wireless toy has a convenient automatic shut-off time of 15 minutes, preserving battery life without exhausting your cat’s energy levels. Feel free to use this toy outdoors.

Automatic cat toys are made for every cat that has an intense hunting instinct. Even young kittens who need to develop this instinct will benefit from an automatic cat toy that imitates a prey’s movement. This type of toy keeps your cat healthy mentally and physically whether they’re an indoor or outdoor pet. Choose from our list to help sharpen your cat’s reflexes in a fun and safe way.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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