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The best cat ball for your pet

Balls are a universal toy for nearly all species. People love them, dogs love them, and cats love them. Even other animals like elephants, tigers, or cows can have a good time with balls. These toys are a great way to let your cat release their crazy energy. Some balls come with a treat storage option to keep your cat entertained for hours while also getting delicious snacks. This type of ball is great for stimulating your cat’s mind and providing great entertainment. No matter what type of cat ball toy you get your cat, it will help promote playfulness, learning, and exercise every day.

Cats need to get their energy out somehow and the best way is with fun toys. A ball is a great way to play indoor fetch with your cat or let them get their energy out on their own. Cat balls come in a variety of choices. Some are soft and small for easy tackling and pushing. Other balls can dispense food during playtime for an attentive play session. There are many fun options and your cat will love them all.

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Best Food Dispensing

This toy doubles as a food dispenser and is available in 4 fun colors. This toy has small holes to let the treats fall out as your pet pushes the ball around. It can be used to help your cat lose weight and is also great for cats who eat too fast.

PETFAVORITES Foam Soccer Balls Cat Toys

Best for Safe Play

These balls are soft and lightweight. They are made from a non-toxic spongy material that is noise free. Each ball is 1.5 inches and each pack contains 12 balls in four fun colors. They are designed specifically for house cats and indoor use.

YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy

Best Automatic

This ball is electronic and can be plugged in to charge. It turns off automatically after 40 minutes.

Your cat loves to play. All cats do. It is an essential part to a fun and healthy lifestyle. One of the best toys to get your cat is a ball designed specifically for them. Choose one that suits their personality. A cat that loves to eat and snack should have a food-dispensing ball, while a cat that loves to pounce and attack should have one that is soft or has interactive features like movement and lights. Regardless of what kind of cat you have, a cat ball toy will enhance their playtime.