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The best cat bowls for feeding time

Whether you’re starting out with a new kitten or have been in the long haul with your older best friend, it is important that they have the best setup possible. There are many great designs for cat bowls so you can find one that will best suit your lifestyle and your cat’s needs. Automatic refilling water bowls are perfect for cat owners with a busy lifestyle. It provides you with the comfort that your cat is always hydrated, even when you’re not around to refill their bowl. Another great option is raised bowls. These bowls keep water and food off the ground and can help your cat drink or eat comfortably.

When it comes to cats, their bowls should be appropriately sized in both diameter and height. There are a lot of great cat food bowls available, so picking one just comes down to your cat’s needs and your lifestyle. If you are always busy, then an automatic water bowl may lend you a helping hand for your busier days.

Neater Feeder Express Pet Bowl

Best Mess-Proof Bowl

This product features a stand and two inserted bowls. The stand has walls on three sides to help keep any food and water spillage contained. It has a height of 2.75 inches and is dishwasher safe.

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer

Best Water Dispenser

This automatic refill bowl keeps pet food and water clean and ready to dispense. You can choose from a 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 4-gallon tank for your pet. This product comes in four colors: pearl lady pink, pearl peacock blue, pearl silver grey, and mason silver.

Kitty City Raised Bowls

Best in Comfort

This two-pack comes with one white bowl and one gray. These oval-shaped bowls are raised to help prevent neck strain or damage. These bowls are dishwasher safe.

Cats can be a lot to handle and take care of, but they are definitely worth it. Whether you just got a kitten or have been in the long haul with your older best friend, it is important that they have the best items available. There are many great cat bowls available so you’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Best cat car seats: 7 great options to keep your feline friend safe and comfy during drives
Pick one these car seats for your cat's safe ride
Cat in carrier in a car

Few cats like going for car rides. But it’s often a necessary evil. Whether you’re going up the road to the vet or across the country on vacation, sometimes you just have to take your cat in the car. To make your trip as pain-free as possible (for you and your kitty), you need the right car seat. Finding the best cat car seat for your vehicle is key to ensuring your kitty is comfy and safe for the entire trip. Here are our seven favorite car seats for a stress-free drive.

PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier
This carrier is great for transporting your cat in the car and out of it. It's made of a durable rubber mesh to prevent tearing. It has four access panels and three privacy settings, giving your cat free rein or full privacy. The zippers lock, too, so smart kitties can’t escape. There is a large pocket for storage, and it comes with seat belt loops for secure car travel. This cat car seat is available in three colors and two sizes, making it great for all cats and owners.

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Can cats eat raw chicken? Yes, but there are huge health risks you need to know about
Learn about the finer details if you feed your cat raw chicken
A bowl of raw chicken plus supplements to feed to a pet

You've probably heard all about raw diets for pets. Given that wild cats eat raw meat all the time, it seems to make sense that your domestic cat would also benefit from these meals. But feeding uncooked meats, including raw chicken, is complicated, and it carries some risks.

There are definitely benefits, but it's also important to understand the concerns and to talk to your vet about your cat food plans so you can make the dietary choice that's right for your animal. Can cats eat raw chicken? Yes. But whether it's a good idea to feed cats raw chicken is really the question.

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The best liquid cat food brands your older cat is sure to love
Learn about some of the most popular brands of liquid cat food

As cats age, their dietary needs change, and your veterinarian may recommend switching to a liquid diet for cats. Whether they have a medical issue or simply can’t handle solid food anymore, a liquid diet can be essential to ensure you're meeting your cat’s nutritional needs.

But finding a healthy liquid cat food that your kitty will enjoy can be a challenge. Cats are finicky, especially about their food, so you may need to try an assortment before you find their fave. Here are some of the best liquid cat food varieties to test out with your cat.

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