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The best cat condos and trees with a modern design

If your cat enjoys hiding, jumping, or scratching, you might consider purchasing a cat condo or tree for them to explore. These structures distract your cat from jumping and scratching on human furniture, and provide a space where your cat feels safe in their personal comfort zone.

Cat condos can make for a nice modern furniture addition to your living room or bedroom. They also let your cat lounge in the same general area as you while simultaneously giving humans and cats their own separate spaces. Keep reading to find out about a few of our favorite cat condos.

MidWest Curious Cat Cube

Best Single Story

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is a compact cat condo. It consists of a cube with a circular opening and a cushioned place to sit on top. This cat condo is available in a few different neutral shades. A hanging plush ball is included with the purchase of the Cat Cube. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House

Best Multistory

Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree Condo House is a tiered condo with places to sit on each level. Its posts are covered in sisal rope for nondestructive scratching. It is available in three different colors. A rope hangs from the top platform for cats to bat at. There is a ladder on the bottom tier that cats may choose to use to get to the next tier.

Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

Best Extra Large Condo

Kitty City’s Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture set is modular, letting you set it up in a nearly endless number of configurations. You can even add additional Kitty City modular pieces to it. It is lightweight and easy to move. It is also simple to assemble and clean. The many setups of this extra large cat condo keep things refreshing for your cat.

Cat condos can make all of the difference in the activities your cat does day-to-day. If you choose to buy one, no longer will your cat be bored or disruptive to your spaces! Cat condos provide cats with dedicated places for them to enjoy.