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The best cat flea collars for convenient prevention

Topical treatments have many benefits, but they definitely do not offer the convenience of a collar. Also, many collars will show results within 24 hours, without you having to wrestle with your cat to apply spot-on treatments. Here are our recommendations for the top cat flea collars.

While old flea collars used dangerous chemicals, modern ones are much healthier. Some are even completely natural and chemical-free. While this type of collar used to be uncomfortable and potentially harmful as a cat could get stuck in one, that’s a rare occurrence in current flea collars, and most are easy to break, even by small cats.

Seresto 8-Month Flea Collar for Cats

Best Overall

This vet-recommended flea and tick collar is easy to put on and also has optional reflectors for added visibility in the dark. It works through contact, which means unwanted animals don’t need to bite your cat for it to work. That’s fewer bites and less discomfort for your feline friend.

Hartz UltraGuard Collar

Best Budget

Flea collars are already a very cost-effective way to protect your cat from fleas and ticks, but if you’re looking to further find a good pick on a budget, this is the one. It can be worn with your cat’s regular collar and is freshly scented. It lasts up to seven months.

Rolf Club 3D Cat Flea Collar

Best Value

This collar is effective against fleas, larvae, ticks, and mosquitoes. And it fits cats from small to large sizes. It offers reliable protection and control for six months and starts working within the first 24 hours. The repellent is nontoxic and odorless and will not disturb your cat.

For extra safety, don’t forget to look into home treatment. Vacuuming your carpets, sofas, and any of your cats’ favorite sleeping spots can help pick up eggs and larvae before they become a problem. And most light infestations can be treated with home-grade cleaners. You can also use those as a preventive measure.