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The best cat houses for indoor cats

Your furry companion deserves the best of the best. Keep them purring with a soft bed where they can rest and feel pampered. They’ll love cuddling and lounging by your side.

If your kitten is energetic and playful, they need an activity center to stay busy. These convenient condos are filled with nooks and hanging toys that keep your pet entertained for hours. Our top picks are perfect for your cat to jump, climb, or lounge to their heart’s content. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

MidWest Curious Cat Cube

Best Overall

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is a space-saving cat bed that offers everything your kitty needs to play and relax. Its soft interior features synthetic sheepskin to keep your cat warm and comfortable in their private den. With a strong and sturdy construction, this easy-to-assemble cube is ready for your cat to enjoy in minutes.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Condo

Best for Large Spaces

For pet owners with large homes or multiple cats, the BEWISHOME Large Cat Condo gives your pets everything they could ever want and more. It’s a roomy and enjoyable play center for your cat to scratch, jump, and explore. With a sturdy and stable construction, this cat mansion attaches to a wall anchor for extra safety. It features plush covering throughout for your furry friend to be comfy on every level.

Smiling Paws Cat House

Best Versatile Cat House

If you’re looking for a bed to match your cat’s mood, the Smiling Paws Cat House is perfect for your pet. With a versatile design, you can create a comfortable nook or a soft open bed for your kitty. This two-in-one cave offers premium comfort no matter how you set it up. It’s made with superior materials to offer soft and breathable durability.

Caring for your cat means providing them with a space to be on their own. Whether your cat likes to climb, scratch, or lounge, our list features comfy houses for your feline. Make life indoors pleasant and keep your trusty companion happy by your side.