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The best cat houses for outdoor cats

Keep your adventurer close to home with a cat house for outdoor cats. When the backyard is your cat’s domain, they need a house to stay comfy. Keeping them warm and safe from predators is a good way to care for your curious feline friend.

Sleepless nights worrying about your outdoor cat are stressful and unnecessary. With an outdoor cat house, you always have the peace of mind that your kitten is safe from the elements and predators. An insulated cat house for outdoors keeps your pet warm and dry. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

K&H Pet Products Heated Cat House

Best Overall

When it’s chilly outside, you can keep your outdoor cat warm with the K&H Pet Products Heated Cat House. Insulated to keep outdoor and feral cats cozy, this easy-to-assemble shelter features a plush heated pet bed. Even in sub-zero temperatures, your furry friend will be comfortable and safe. With two removable clear door flaps, your cat can always access their shelter and stay warm.

Kitty City Stackable Cat Cube

Best Indoor/outdoor Combo

Expand and collapse your cat’s outdoor house with the Kitty City Stackable Cat Cube. This water-resistant and sturdy structure features two exits to protect cats from harsh weather. It’s easy to assemble and stow for maximum convenience. The Velcro strips keep it in place and make it easy to change around as needed. Use it outdoors or keep one inside and the other outside for cats who enjoy both spaces.

ecoFlex Outdoor Cat House

Best Weatherproof Cat House

Built for outdoor pets who live in all kids of weather, the ecoFlex Outdoor Cat House is made with the most durable materials. This weather-resistant cat house will never warp, fade, or crack. Its tough construction keeps bugs and water out so you know it won’t rot. Get your cat a lifetime home with this safe and quality house.

Cats who love the outdoor life cannot be forced indoors. If your cat enjoys exploring, you can still provide them with a warm home that keeps them cozy and safe. With the insulated houses on our list, your furry friend enjoys the best of outdoor life while staying protected from the weather.