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The best cat litter bags for efficient cleanup

If you are on the fence about introducing a new element to your cat’s routine, remember that your pets will not care whether there is a liner in their box. Using litter box bags is really about making life easier for the owner and giving you more time to play with your cats instead of cleaning after them.

The biggest convenience of litter bags is the ability to just pick up the whole bag and change a whole batch of sand. It is so easy when you don’t have to scrape wet litter from the bottom and sides of the litter box. Just pull the drawstring and you are ready to replace with a new liner and a fresh load of clean litter. Check out this list with the best cat litter bags out there.

Jonny Cat Heavy-Duty Litter Box Liners

Best Extra-strong Liners

The Jonny Cat Heavy-Duty Litter Box Liners are the strongest solution to easily give your cat fresh litter. Made from 2 ml thick plastic, these tear-resistant liners are built to last. No need to scrub your cat’s litter box when you can effortlessly pick up the liner and close it with the draw string. Keep things fresh and easy with this box of five liners.

Van Ness Large Pan Drawstring Liners

Most Affordable

With 20 large cat pan liners, the Van Ness Large Pan Drawstring Liners are made from 65% recycled plastic. They offer an environmentally friendly solution in a value pack and no tear technology. These inexpensive and functional liners are what you need to make litter changing easy.

Fresh Step Drawstring Litter Liner

Best Scented Litter Liner

When you need a scented solution for your cat’s litter box, the Fresh Step Drawstring Litter Liner is the best smelling choice. These super thick liners feature a drawstring design that makes clean up convenient and easy. Simply pull the drawstrings on both sides and replace for fresh litter that your cat will appreciate.

Once you try cat litter box bags for the first time, you realize how helpful and hygienic they truly are. Make sure you cover the sides of the box and not only the bottom. That is the only way to ensure liquid stays in the bag and doesn’t spill from the sides.