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The best cat litterbox furniture for an elevated look

The litter box is an unsightly but necessary part of your life as a cat parent. Hiding the litter box in plain sight is possible with unique furniture for litter boxes. You disguise your litter box, and your cat keeps its convenient placement for bathroom habits. Our top choices for best litter box furniture can balance your design with the functionality of most indoor litter boxes.

Litter box hiding furniture helps contain your cat’s litter without having to dedicate a space to a traditional litter box. If you don’t have space or you have a design vision, these can balance the two to give you what you want and your cat what it needs. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Cat Washroom Bench by Merry Pet

Best Overall

This tidy bench gives you the option to hide your cat's litter box where you can already sit. This sweet bench gives your cat a private place to do its business without you leaving your litter box out in the open. It's changeable, giving you the option of a left or right entrance that fits with your design. Open the front cabinets to remove the box for easy cleaning.

Unipaws Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench

Best Eco Friendly

This enclosed litter box uses a nontoxic paperboard for a streamlined furniture option to hide your litter box. This option features two easy-open cabinet doors to change the litter box and an open third section to allow your cat to enter. It's eco-friendly and low volatile organic compounds and fits both a litter box and regular-size scratchpad.

Internet's Best Decorative Cat House & Side Table

Easiest to Clean

This side-table-style litter box furniture allows you to integrate your litter box directly into your decor. It's simple and well designed with a front cat opening and a handled door for easy changes. The top can support your cat's weight or a small item as a side table. It's a good option for those with limited space.

The litter box is a must-have, but cat furniture for litter boxes ensures you have a convenient spot for your cat no matter how much space you have in your home. Our favorites blend both form and function and upgrade your cat accessories to something you may enjoy looking at.