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The best cat scratcher cardboards for your kitty’s claws

Depending on how active your furry friend is and the number of cat cardboard scratchers in your home, they can last anywhere between one to four months. A good measure is to follow the “cats plus one” rule. If you have one cat, then you need at least two scratchers. If you have two cats, then you need three, and so on. This technique assures your cat always has a better place than your furniture to scratch away.

Cardboard cat scratchers are an inexpensive alternative to posts and scratching toys that become bulky nuisances once they stop working. They are made of recyclable materials and are a sustainable way to care for your cat. We have selected only products that are looking out for the well-being of both your cat and the planet.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Best Overall

Add an artsy touch to your home with the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. This amazing piece of multifunctional cat furniture can be used as a lounge, scratcher, and play pen. The elegant, curved design blends with modern decor and provides superior comfort for your pet.

Kitty City Premium Scratching Collection

Best Value Pack

The Kitty City Premium Scratching Collection is a multipack of extra-wide large corrugate scratchers made of recycled cardboard. It’s the most affordable way to protect your furniture and encourage healthy behaviors in your cat. Each one is 10 inches wide, allowing your cat to stretch and enjoy a larger play area.

Coching Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad

Best Reversible

Let your cat enjoy the unique design of the Coching Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad, a reversible option with different textures that closely mimic tree bark. This is an effective tool to unleash all of your cat’s natural instincts, release stress, and groom healthy claws. Made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard with corn starch glue, this scratcher is nontoxic and the safest option.

It is very important to help your cat find the right activities to release stress, deal with anxiety, and engage in instinctual behaviors. With this list of the best cardboard scratchers, you can create the perfect play areas at home and experience the gentler side of your feline companion.

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