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The best cat towers for playing indoors

These cats towers can also have other features apart from their multilevel construction. You can have towers with plush carpeting all around. Some may have hardier and differentiated scratching posts for your cat to go wild on and claw at for hours without it breaking. They may also come with cat toys they can swat at or have a place for you to put your cat’s favorite string toy or ball to play with in one convenient location.

Modern cat towers are usually made up of multiple pedestals, levels, and small compartments that your cat can travel around in. The differing levels let them climb up and around, which exercises their muscles and lets them leap up on different surfaces. Small compartments act as “rooms” that they can lounge in or travel through. Pedestals will let them perch on higher surfaces and hang out while you get your own responsibilities done around the house.

Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree

Best Value for Money

Cat towers can get big and expensive, but you still want to make sure that your cat has the ability to play around in a beautiful cat tower of their own. The Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree will be the best value for your purchase. There are plenty of compartments that your cat can hide around in and run through. The cat tower is perfect for medium to large cats to run around in. The assembly includes all of the components and tools you will need, so setting this up will be a breeze.

Funhaven Cat Tree

Best Entertaining Tower

Give your cat the equivalent of an arcade for a cat tower tree with the Funhaven Cat Tree. This playground of possibilities will keep your cat entertained with a ton of activities geared to engage with your cat and keep them busy for longer. You have a scratching post with plush ball toys hung on a spring rod and some of those balls also hanging on a string from one of the platforms. If your cat does not feel like running around and playing, they can lounge in one of the plush condos provided as a space for them to relax in.

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

Best Quality of Material

If your cat is one that enjoys decadence and luxury, the AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree is a fantastic tree made with great quality materials that will provide structural integrity and textural comfort. The natural jute fibers on the posts will keep your cat’s nails healthy and used. The structure is meant to hold even after days in and days out of play from your cat’s jumping, climbing, and scratching. The soft fibers on the platforms will be soft against your cat’s paws as they enjoy their days on the tower.

Your cat deserves to have fun and play without feeling like they are stifled inside your home. Protect your furniture, engage your cat in some fun times, and give yourself a break when you get to see your cat run around in their own new cat tower.