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The best cat trees for large cats

There are some features that make a cat tree more suitable for larger cats. The platforms the cat can jump and lounge on should be larger to accommodate for the space they need. Cat trees with wider posts would also be beneficial because it gives more surface area for your cat to scratch on. Resting spots like condos should have big enough holes and spaces for them.

One of the worries with larger cats can be their weight and their health. Despite that, you should still be able to find ways for your cat to work out and exercise so that they can stay healthy and happy. A proper cat tree for a large cat can help them work out in a way that is still engaging for them. And when they are done scratching the posts and jumping up and down the levels, they can lounge and feel well rested.

MidWest Cat Trees

Best Tall Tree

Want to maximize the height of all of the platforms your big buddy can hang out on? The MidWest Cat Trees will provide you with many levels for your cat to hang out on. The cat tree reaches a height of 5 feet, giving plenty of room for some upward mobility. Bring your cat’s delights to new heights with the four different levels available for your cat. The poles are all resilient scratching posts so your cat can have a field day climbing and scratching the hours away.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Best Midsize Tree

If your cat is not one for heights, you can still get them a fun cat tree like the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. This cat tree is a midsize tree that will let your cat reach heights without feeling like they are too far off the ground. This has posts covered in sisal rope so that your cat can clean up their claws and get their scratches out. The platform is large enough that your cat can comfortably lounge on it and spread themselves out.

AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Platform

Best Short Tree

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Platform is a great shorter cat tree that is great for your large cat. This tree brings the short when your cat brings the stout. The material is a faux fleece that is soft against your cat’s paws. The cat tree holds up to 40 pounds so your cat can enjoy this wonderful tower of treats. The topmost platform also has a ball hanging from it for your cat to swat at and play with.

Your cat deserves to be able to play around and have fun without worrying about whether or not they will fit in the cat trees you get them. Let your cat play around and have the time of their life while you get to sit back and enjoy watching your cats run.