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The best ceramic cat bowls for feeding time

You can find ceramic cat bowls in all different shapes and sizes nowadays. You can find fun and quirky ones that can match your cat’s personality. For a modern home, you may find some that fit the color scheme of your home. You can even find ceramic cat bowls that will tend to needs that your cat may have, like a lower bowl to reach more easily or the calming effects of textures that a ceramic bowl can provide.

Ceramic cat bowls have many benefits aside from other materials for bowls. Because they are sealed with glaze, they are smooth and easy to be around for cats. Ceramic cat bowls tend to be safer than plastic bowls because plastic bowls can pose risks such as harboring bacteria within a plastic’s micro abrasions.

CatGuru Whisker-Stress Free Cat Food Bowl

Best for Stressed Cats

If you have a cat that is prone to stress, the CatGuru Whisker-Stress Free Cat Food Bowl will help your cat deal with that. The wide bowl and the shallow dip make this perfect for avoiding whisker stress. Whisker stress occurs when your cat can induce stress upon themselves when their whiskers are constantly brushing up against a bowl with high rims. The bowl is contoured to have no corners, and the bumps increase the chance of grabbing food without it slipping away.

Bone Dry Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl for Food & Water

Best Overall

You cannot go wrong with a classic like the Bone Dry Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl for Food & Water. This set of pet bowls gives you two beautiful ceramic bowls perfect for separating your cat’s water and food. The porcelain ceramic bowl has a silicone ring at the bottom. The ceramic makes this a hardy bowl that can withstand nearly anything. The silicone ring prevents the bowl from slipping around the floor. It is convenient to wash too. Just throw it in your dishwasher and clean it without the fuss.

Lesotc Non Slip Raised Cat Pet Food & Water Bowls

Best Raised Bowl

The Non Slip Raised Cat Pet Food & Water Bowls makes it easy for pet owners to get cat food bowls that are above the bowl. These are sleek and beautifully designed with cute kitty ears to let your visitors know exactly what they are for. The raised bowl gives you the advantage of easily picking it up and washing it up. The legs are outfitted with anti-slip bottoms so that it will stay put no matter what your cat does around it.

If you want to make sure that your cat is not bothered by the loud noises of a stainless steel bowl, or if you need something more safe than a plastic food bowl, then the ceramic cat bowl is the way to go. Take care of your cat and your cat’s needs, and they will happily munch their food away in their new ceramic bowls.